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Everdome - DOME Token

I Bought EVERDOME PRE-SALE and it 60X | Portfolio Update, Project Announcements, & More

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Everdome is a metaverse crypto project with massive potential brought to us by the same founder & team behind Metahero! Everdome will be the metaverse to actualize the technology being built out by Metahero. Currently the Everdome token is sitting at $0.06 as of recording, giving a 60x ROI from pre-sale. Watch to find out how the launch went, recent updates, what I’m looking forward to and more. Enjoy.

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  1. Thank you all for the overwhelming support! Here is a link to my Discord: https://www.CryptoKeener.com [SIDE NOTE: Scammers in the Comments – I will never ask you to message my WhatsApp number. Report all scam accounts].

  2. You bought Hero to buy Everdome, that's the big difference since you lost on Hero to make up on Everdome… you're trying to be another shill youtuber like fatboy crypto..

  3. IS THERE A MINIMUN YOU HAVE TO INVEST OR COULD YOU invest just 100 if you want. i

  4. Nice video Torin! I like the project you pick.

    Would you consider looking at this new project? Called Quantic on the BEP 20 not yet on coingecko as it is live since 2hours from now

  5. Thanks for the video!
    you mentioned several options to buy DOME and warned to stay away from platform with low liquidity of this token. how can i know that? where is the best platform to buy it?

  6. Kak ,cobain juga game terbaru aku menang 65juta cmn main tebak tebakan doang loh ,linknya udah gua share di yt gua makasih bang

  7. How do I view my current Everdome value? I can't see it on my Trust Wallet/Metamask

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