I Can Prove Binance is a SCAM in 30 Seconds: The Next FTX Ponzi GUARANTEED

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  1. Good Conversations as not to many channels are covering the simple question about Binance. It was a red flag CZ told a news interviewer he was not going to go to congress to testify as the US was just a small part of his business and not worth his time

  2. Oh, come on, you made my day again! You are the single best financial channel on YouTube. The most professional, knowledgeable, and the most funny and entertaining one. LOL

  3. I have never trusted tokens. I have bought and sold bitcoin and ethereum but never thought of it as a long term investment. I have trust issues. Lol

  4. Love your videos man but this is just not true at all you can always withdraw to your own wallet anytime and hold the keys to your crypto and you can cash out whenever. I’ve never had 1 issue with Coinbase or Binance.US in 4 years.

  5. Binance is literally one of the few things I made money on with their coins BNB. I think it is a ponzi, but a long one. I am betting on them staying around for a while. At any rate I consider that investment pure gambling, so I am fine even if I lose everything. I am actually surprised I am up several 100% still.

  6. The exchanges are buying BTC and they are selling it with a spacing fees! Its a way to buy….goooood this moustache guy can go back to work at the Gaz station now!!!😂lol

  7. Strong men! I juste discover your chanel…. But will on fallow just because you did not do …do deligeance on this subject….. zero.

  8. And that guy is so techno that he can’t even shut is cell phone call on is computer!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉🎉

  9. Ok… old on now… your friend doesn’t understand shit about stables coins and binance… you can buy BTC or else and if you want you can get out of position on a stablecoins instead of going down in a downtrend market… that’s why it’s called stable….coins . When you buy à crypto with them… of course they hold it for you as long you don’t bring them back to your cold wallet;… you can’t just go out and called everyone and everything in crypto… a scam. This video sucks.

  10. I think binance is super fishy but they have make so much with margin in option trading that I wouldnt be surprise if they have over 100billions in cash.

  11. Why am I able to transfer fiat back to my bank account? Never had any problems with BinanceU.S.

  12. A lot of inaccuracies in what he’s saying here. Better to be cautious rather than spread fud and misinformation when you are uncertain about something. Not saying Binance isn’t shady but at least get your facts right. Binance has fiat trading pairs.

  13. If you didn't know already, you can transfer your whole account to another broker pretty easily. I would look into that if you're considering getting off robinhood.

  14. Dude if you want something on binance look into his defi/double investment/liquidity farming where you can earn up to 90% interest, average is 12/30%.. Binance is pushing this shit to users with the ntf scam..

  15. 2:50 in this dude precisely describes the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme. I really wish Strong Boy had people on who actually understood how crypto scams worked.

  16. Real question. Can't you buy some crypto on Robinhood? What makes Robinhood safer than crypto exchanges? Or is it? I don't dabble in crypto nor do I want to but if was not able to take my money out of Robinhood one day I would be upset.

  17. nah all wrong. BUSD is legit, its issued by another company, paxos, like a white label rebrand, which does actually provide monthly attestations by an independent US CPA. there is a ton of frauds but the established players in crypto are actually legit. Its the new guys that suddenly have billions to buy off tom brady you have to watch out for.

  18. Yo! Strong man right about these being private currencies and we are redoing reason for fdic and fed lol

  19. Ok this dude doesn't know what he's talking about. Strongman look up Paxos. It's a US regulated company they create the BUSD not binance.

    Binance sends usd to paxos. Paxos a us regulated company prints BUSD and paxis parks usd into short term US treasuries.

    Your guest is a moron dude. Serious dunce

  20. So, I know a lot on this channel don’t like crypto, but I do think it’ll have its place. Bubble bursting and all these greedy f#cks needed to be cleaned out to move forward.

  21. The problem is there still aren't enough Crypto regulations. If the price fluctuates wildly and you need to transfer to stable coins then to dollars then the stable coins need to be backed by actual dollars.

  22. If the title of the video was "How to get 20% interest in your crypto" you would get millions of views.

  23. You keep interviewing people that don't know what they are talking about. You CAN use usd to buy coins on binance. You don't have to buy the stable coin first. Have somebody on for once who has actually used crypto.
    I bet there will be other inaccuracies from this guy too but that's just the first one at 4 minutes into the video.
    Edit: OK actually the rest was pretty spot on

  24. Binance has a $50k daily fiat withdraw limit anything more than that you have to do what this guy was talking about seems resonable doesn't it?

  25. Strong man have you ever looked into luckin coffee? Would love to see you do a video in that stock!

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