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I Just Bought FEG! – Token Makes Millionaires! – Massively HYPED Cryptocurrency!

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Alright, alright. Guys its official. I bought some Feg Token.

No but seriously, after filming the reaction video the other night, I decided to put a very small portion of my portfolio into FEG.

While this is a very speculative pick, ultimately I felt that the upside outweighed the downside and it was worth a gamble on possibly getting massive gains from Feg Token

The question is, will FEG remain a hero, or go to zero?

Let’s go!

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  1. I'm holding feg bsc, does it also grow along with feg eth? Or do they both have nothing to do with each other?

  2. Great video! Trading now should be in every wise individual list in some months time you will be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  3. i love this platform and i bought in at 1billion do you think this is enough or should i put more?

  4. Every buyer/hodler must read Feg’s Litepaper. It’s so clear, so well-written. Their roadmap is just as excellent and well-reported. I think this is the kind of transparency that business leaders will be impressed. I can tell Feg’s developers are professionals and organized.

    Feg should get the publicity mileage Doge, Safemoon and Shiba inu have.

  5. feg was good to me along with other couple of coins, and am sticking with it for long term

  6. Here we go again lol
    I missed Doge
    I missed Dogelon
    I missed Shiba
    I missed VET
    A fee hundred dollars here and there and I could have had 1million dollars.
    I'm not fkn around with FEG
    100billion coins gat dammut

  7. This project is amazing, Feg Exchange will be the central of all DeFi.

  8. I bought some couple weeks ago and I got it off gate. Gate is very difficult to understand when you buy stuff from them. Anyways I bought some because it's so cheap that if it did go to a penny I'd be a millionaire and if it doesn't do anything I only spend a few hundred dollars. And I heard good things about it and I like the whole ecosystem thing because that is what screwed over that Bitcoin deal with Tesla. I also have 30 other cryptos. I like the idea of thinking maybe one day I could be well-off or Rich with not much of an investment and I know I can't fit in my life without anything else. Before crypto there was never a chance I could be a rich even a small one because I had no steak and anything else in my life. Other than buying an occasional Mega Millions lottery ticket I had no control. At least hear small chance but still a chance. I also bought a lot of fetch because I think AI is the future and I'm trying to find things to buy in the eye and I know that could do currency is. Also I bought a few internet computer coins which I know is a part of the Davos group and World economic forum and all that globalist left b*******.. because the world has turned sold evil and pathetic and it's to a point where I'm scared for my kids I would love to think I can have some money and make some arrangements in case you scumbag politicians and the evil left destroy the world I could have some plans backed up. Also it doesn't seem impossible for a freaking cryptocurrency to go to a penny or more because many have and r. A lot of them are at 20 or higher or $10 or $40 or whatever. And those are for some bad ones so it doesn't seem that far-fetched. So I hope those 16 billion coins could help one day

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