UPDATE CELSIUS – FTX TERTARIK Untuk Membeli Celsius & Dapatkan Pembaruan Akun

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UPDATE CELSIUS – FTX TERTARIK Untuk Membeli Celsius & Dapatkan Pembaruan Akun
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19 Komentar

  1. What do I have to do and who to I have to do it to, in order to get my money back. Someone point them in my direction.

  2. For the Terms of Use debate. What Alex and executives said verbally should be considered. In a legal battle between parties all variables need to be a part of the consideration, especially when actions from one party would potentially change the outcome for the better with the other party.

    Also considering what the majority of Celsians best knowledge of the ToS would be simply listening to an AMA where the executives verbally spoke about over collaterialization etc. Therefor the AMA is considered an update for users. Lastly, how many people read through the entire ToS?

  3. Amazingly helpful as always Aaron, thank you. From all of your research, do you think we will get back our coins or $$$?

  4. 60% sometime next year was my best case scenario when this all went down. Here's hoping 🍻

  5. JP Morgan took over many distressed banks at low cost back in the day. FTX deal with BlockFi may have wiped out those equity holders essentially making FTX owner of BlockFi. Then buying Voyager and Celsius at distressed prices, epic JP Morgan style move imo. Thanks for the updates.

  6. Can I point out that if Custody gets 100% coins back then clawback for Earn who pulled out in 30 days is not possible because ALL Earn funds had to go back into Custody before withdrawal.

  7. Early on someone asked Simon why big money from the community was not coming forward to offer to support Celsius. Simon said that Alex had burned so many bridges over time that no one wanted to work with him.

  8. As always much appreciated esp the part about the earn program. Excellent coverage.

  9. Thanks Aaron! Great video. Hopefully, people in either EARN, Custody or both programs in their personal Celsius wallets obtain a great size percentage back of their personal crypto assets.

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