Renegade Abe vs Elder Kraken! Evolve Stage 2 Multiplayer

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Daftar Putar Tahap 2 2022 Evolve:

The year is 2022. Evolve Stage 2 is back. Renegade Abe returns to melt some monsters! Someone finds it EZ

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3 Komentar

  1. Nade decreases damage done by monster by 5% while Dart increases damage taken by 7.5%.

    In terms of poison damage, highest is dart. Lowest is Grenade.

    Easy way I remember which does which is that everyone wants damage so Dart must be harder to hit. Especially when you have to reload after every shot. Grenade doesn’t do as much which is why it’s much easier to land.

  2. Everything except right-click poisons. The dart dose higher poison DMG and increase the DMG the monster takes, the grenade decreases the DMG of the monster.
    The optimal rotation is dart, grenade double left click, double right click and repeat.
    The red mist is the grenade and the red lightings or whatever that's supposed to be is the dart

  3. Hello. A question here: If a player has Evolve stage 2, can the player play Evolve legacy or was there an update that made legacy into stage 2? What is the relationship between these two versions of the game?

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