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$IGG Staking Tutorial + How to setup MATIC wallet on MetaMask = Earn IGGalaxy $ORBS

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In this video I show you how to stake your $IGG tokens on and how to transfer over the tokens onto the MATIC network so you can get them into your $IGG Wallet!

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Staking $IGG tokens gets earns you $ORBS which is the governance token for InterGalactic Gaming

This is a project I’ve recently become aware of and I REALLY LIKE the team behind this project. Paired with a solid set of fundamentals, vision and educated community… This is a long term hold for Daddi!!!

Any questions please jump in the $IGG Discord –

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  1. Great video, thanks for the help, what's the actual use case of the ORB tokens?

  2. I have igg back when it was on tron. I see on the site where it shows a one time swap to matic. I followed all the directions and click next. It displays sending then seems to get rejected. Can you help?? How do I swap my old igg tokens to the new matic based token?

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  4. You need TRX in your IGG Wallet on the Tron network to be able to make the transaction. Send like 10 TRX to your wallet, should work

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