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I'm Selling My Apecoin And Here's Why | Apecoin Price Prediction

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I’m Selling My Apecoin And Here’s Why | Apecoin Price Prediction


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  1. I would wait until staking starts. The possible squeeze that might happen as Mayc and bayc start getting their ape coin to stake will probably be crazy. Especially if you look how many apes don’t hold enough ape coin to stake. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  2. This guy making a video off $500 🙄of ape coin.. says he bought it 2.70 but right before that took 5 seconds to figure out its bottom.. hahaha what a lair.. he bought at $5 and is scared he losses $500 😆 🤣 he says he told us the bottom for BTC but anyone with 5 mins experience in crypto knew we going below 15k.. I hope this bear market gets rid of all these so called crypto experts… they all have no clue

  3. I missed the Ape coin NFT craze and rarely swing trade Crypto mostly due to ignorance ( Great NFT advice on your past video ).
    I stick with stuff I kinda of understand so I started a small Ethereum position.
    Any opinions on IOTEX? possible competition would be IOTA and HBAR.

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