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IMPORTANT Terra Luna Classic L1 Task Force UPDATE!

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Tell a little class has just received another important update from the L1 task force the L1 task force with both Ed Kim and zaradar has the community oversight committee that provides feedback for this task force and lets them know what the community wants to see now this community oversight

Committee had three members on it we had PFC we had strathcool and we had DJ Trev PFC actually resigned until there was an open spot for someone to come in and represent the two little classic Community we just had elections for this new spot as to who’s going to represent

The Terry little classic community and the winner of that was the lunatics tokens or specifically Johnny Depp now it’s actually really important for you to know who your representatives are because the L1 task force they’re busy working but they will listen to these three people to figure out what is the

Community wanting do they need to make a pivot on their development plan what’s going on there and get that Community feedback that comes from these three individuals so if you want to see something happen with a development timeline you have to let one of these three individuals know and here are

Their different Twitter profiles if you wanted to reach out to them you can see right here we have DJ Trev he’s another YouTuber as well you can find him on the YouTube platform here’s strathco another individual and here is Johnny Depp that you could also reach out to I think it’s

Important to also note that DJ trip provides unique insight into these I want task force meetings as he’s actually involved in some of these different planning sessions you could see some of these different videos like this where he actually explains what was talked about some of the thought process

Behind different things that the L1 task force is working on and different just insights that you can’t get elsewhere so I do recommend that you guys watch his YouTube channel and check out some of these unique insights that you just can’t find anywhere else and so if you

Want to have the L1 task force know about your opinions know your thoughts maybe you have a great idea for some development be sure to reach out to one of these three individuals so they can pass that message along the L1 task force is going to stop replying directly

To different DMS because they just simply can’t handle getting flood with DMS spending five hours a day responding to things they have to code they have to do the work so these individuals will act basically as a filter to filter out some of the things that are not as

Important and then let the L1 task force know about the important things on what the community wants you guys want to learn more about the future potential of Taylor classic check out this video up here and I’ll catch you on the next one

In this video I go over the recent Terra Luna Classic L1 task force update. There were recently elections for the community oversight committee that provides feedback on behalf of the community. Its important for the LUNC holders to know who their representatives are so they can reach out if they want the dev team with Zaradar and Ed Kim to know.

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