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Incoming Binance Lawsuits and New Concerns for Coinbase Pro Withdrawals

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  1. Isn"t coinbase a custodial platform where THEY hold the keys? Seems I saw that somewhere, and if so people should be EXTREMELY careful. I may be mistaken, but I think so far the platforms that have crashed are custodial…are they seizing people's money????? Is there more to these "collapses" than meets the eye??? I dont know….

  2. Thanks for the update. I have a bitcoin backed loan on one of the lending platforms you mentioned in a previous podcast. The LTV is healthy at current BTC valuations, but I am concerned about my collateral in an open-exchange site. Should I pay off the loan and claim the collateral? What happens to my loan if the compsny goes into bankruptcy?

  3. This company sucks. Stay away from them at all costs. Do not use this company. They will block you from accessing your own funds.

  4. Do you have a video on wallets you recommend? If so I'd like to view it.

  5. Multiple addresses are good but a pain if you need to keep gas fee reserves on each address within the same hardware wallet. I might be missing something.

  6. I'm buying bitcoin at the moment. Why do people sell when prices are falling?

  7. Hello Heidi, could you please make a video on how to store BSV as it is not supported on Ledger.

  8. If you are a holder Hoddler the 48 hour does not matter. It eventually gets to your Trezor or ledger. This crypto winter is a buy for those wanting to be out of bank and government control.

  9. Binance is not open in texas and a few other states. Buying has become more labor intensive than the earlier days. Glad I got my theta tokens two years ago.

  10. Do you have any “how to” videos on cold wallets? I have an Ellipal Titan but can’t find a video basic enough to figure out how to use it. Something step-by-step how to retrieve from an exchange and back again, cash out, etc..

  11. I remember when toby said if he had to choose between btc and surfing it would always be surfing. Now that bitcoin is dead he can surf full time😂. But srsly if you were complaining that u missed the boat at 60k and regreted not buying btc sooner than here is ur chance. Dollar cost average. Nothing fundamental has changed. If u think it has, u never cared about bitcoin u just wanted sick gains. That’s okay but to know why ur here helps your conviction. Much love to those out there feeling it.

  12. I moved all my ETH to my Ledger wallet back in April but didn’t have to do anything other than put in my wallet address🤔
    Thank you guys for all your info. and videos for the community!!!

  13. These guys are starting to be like cnn of crypto 🤦🏽‍♂️ dramas dramas dramas at least give us a day without lol.

  14. Thank you Heidi for all your videos, always very informative and to the point! Also a quick hello from Portugal

  15. Bryan Armstrong is a visionary leader. Anyone that gets laid off from Coinbase and takes it like a grownup should be allowed to return to the company in a few years during the next Bitcoin bull run cycle. Some people just get it. All these so called financial experts talking recently about “crypto” continue to make me chuckle with their generalizations.

  16. Don’t use centralized if possible. They’re snakes. Celcius did the same thing when withdrawing. Whitelist is just to track all activity. No need for that. Another nwo bs move

  17. A bit off topic, but Nexo have offered to buy Celcius loans off them.

  18. Let s face the truth, Crypto is about to die, there will be no return, BTC mining companies are shutting down, BTC production cost is 32K

  19. Without Coinbase and Binance All Crypto will go to zero, imagine Wall Street crash like in 2007, what would happen to crypto

  20. Or we could wait a couple of more months when BTC drops to $11,000. Even better buying opportunity.

  21. Thank you Heidi. Any Crypto investment within in the sphere of U.S. hegemony is risky. Those predators are not going to live peacefully with Crypto unless they CONTROL it and everyone who holds it.

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