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INSANE Scalping Strategy For Beginners 2023 💎 zigzag indicator

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Hi everybody Welcome to cryptalian channel in today’s video we are going to talk about amacd strategy this strategy based on one indicator and I applied to the five minute time frame first I explained the complete strategy to you after which I tested live several times

So that you can see that it really works let’s Dive Right In but before we start don’t forget to subscribe to my telegram group where I share all my crypto trades for free and also don’t forget to claim your personal four thousand five hundred dollars bonuses on buy bit all you need

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Description and in the first pinned comment let’s get started the macd is a powerful indicator that charts a powerful average movement of the price with two lines you can easily see whether the price is moving in an uptrend or downtrend though there are two lines intersect then it may just be

That price will turn around and you can open a position before I explain the strategy to you it is useful to know how the macd works exactly two lines move in a box of minus 100 to plus 100 does the blue line move above then the price

Often moves in an uptrend is the orange line up then the price often moves in the downtrend when the lines cross the price will often change as well but you can’t always just follow the lines you have to look for multiple confirmations in this case we look for resistance or

Support level if we combine a resistance or support level with the macd indicator we can easily spot the next Trend and respond to it so so the first thing we do before trading with this strategy is to look for a support or resistance level here on the price you see a clear

Resistance level the price received resistance several times and is now Rising towards the level for the third time as soon as the price hits this level we remain alert we are now waiting for a closing between the lines of the macd currently blue is still above but we want to see orange

Above now to make sure that the downtrend has been confirmed at this point we can open a short position this is a position where we trade against the trend we make a profit pricely when the market Falls you can open a short position via by Bit by Bit

Is an exchange aimed at crypto trades who like to use leverage levers are extremely useful and you want to trade with small Capital with levers you make your own Capital worth more without losing more however you can lose it faster but you can also double it twice

As fast if you know what you are doing you can certainly make good use of levers after this video you know exactly what to do currently you can trade for three thousand dollars in free bonuses on buy bits so you can always try it out

For free first do you want to visit by a bit then take a look where the link below this video okay so after seeing a clear resistance and a growth in the macd we were able to open a position after the market fell the price reached the support level at this level the

Price May support two times before now on the third time we stay alert and wait for a Crossing between the macd lines at this support level we see the macd making a cross this again means that we can buy a position this time it’s a position up with the trend you can also

Do this on buy bits now we’ll move on to the most important part of this video that is placed in the take profit and the stop loss whenever you open a position you need to know when to get out again with the win or a loss in this

Strategy I always use a risk reward ratio of 1.5 this means that I want to make 1.5 times as much profit as a loss on my position in the last position I show how that works as soon as the lines cross I open my launch position and put my stop loss

Below the lowest point then I set my take profit Target 1.5 Times Higher you can see that this position is nicely achieved a bit further to the right we see that the price is falling again in the same support level so we can open another position when the macd makes a

Cross and that happens you can see that the macd makes the cross in here so we open another position and place the stop loss below the last low and place our Target 1.5 times our stop loss a little further and we immediately see another entry point the price dropped here again

To the same support level at which the macd closed so we open another position and place our stop loss below the last level we place our Target 1.5 times the stop loss as you can see these are again two nice wins I think the concept is clear I’m going to back test this

Strategy now so you can see it works in longer term I will fast forward to the next image after which I discuss the results foreign Foreign Thank you in the span of just two weeks I opened 34 positions of which only eight close at lows this means that 26 positions closed with profit on this 26 positions I got one and a half times my profit back this means I got 39 times my

Winnings back from those 39 times I subtract 8 losses after which I am left with 31 times my profit as you can see this is an excellent day trading strategy where you can open positions every day of course not every investor has a such much Capital as other

That is why I now show you a table of what your profits have been per investment we start with small Equity of fifty dollars per position suppose you wanted to risk fifty dollars per position and followed all the positions you would have made 1550 within two weeks if you wanted to

Risk more like two hundred dollars per position you would have made six thousand two hundred dollars after two weeks for example experienced traders who dare to risk 500 per Position will earn fifteen thousand five hundred dollars in these two weeks these are Hefty sums and you don’t need luck for that

All you have to do in the financial Market is to trade with a plan and a strategy before you open a position you need to know why you’re opening this position and at what points you’re closing the position I want to thank you for watching this video I look forward

To see you on the next time where you post an interesting video every week see you next time that’s all for now bye

INSANE Scalping Strategy For Beginners 2023 💎 zigzag indicator
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The information on this YouTube channel and the resources available are for educational and informational purposes only. The content of this YouTube is not an investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or any other advice or recommendation.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a small commission. I won’t put anything here that I haven’t verified and/or personally used myself.

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