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Today we would like to announce a miner appreciation program. We will be giving one random miner $1000 in Flux every month for the next 12 months.
On top of that we would like to detail how our pool also gives back to the project itself. As you might already know, Flux Labs is operated by people from the Flux team. Our goal is to provide a safe and transparent mining experience. While the Flux project does not take directly from the pool, we do give a portion of our fees back to the Flux project – because we understand that both the project and the miners are what make this pool possible.

So what has the pool actually given to the project? Roughly 30k Flux in lump sums. For various things.
We also have 2 addresses directly receiving fees from every block we mine (these can be seen at the time of block creation).

How do you enter the $1k monthly giveaway?
Mine at the pool and maintain at least 90% uptime for the first month (to give people time to get setup on the pool. and 95% uptime the following months over the 30-day period (1.5 days downtime) with at least 1 GPU. Yep, that’s it!
The giveaway prize will be sent directly to the mining address and nowhere else.

This is on top of our weekly loyalty program.

DO NOT mine directly to a exchange. If you do and something happens and you want us to send the Flux to another address we cannot help you.

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This NOT Financial Advice this for Entertainment purposes only!!


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  1. Heck yeah! now you just have to tell the kid they're required to start the miner when they are done using the computer!

  2. On the newest lolMiner for Flux, I couldn't get the normal .bat file to work. I have to use the "mine_flux_admin" and set the .exe file to run as an admin in properties to get it to mine FLUX

  3. I think the issue with flux is what makes nvidia cards so strong on flux is they run cuda engine with miniz and lolminer. Amd cards will run opencl typically. The opencl on intel might not be compatible with amd/nvidia open cl

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