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Avalanche -Avax Coin

Introducing Avalanche (AVAX) | The latest coin to join the Dacxi Wealth platform

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You must be doing something right when your blockchain project goes from a standing start to a market cap of over $42 billion US dollars in just two years.

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But that’s exactly what Avalanche has achieved since its launch in 2020.

Already there are hundreds of exciting new projects in development that are based on the Avalanche blockchain platform.

The reason for its popularity among blockchain developers is that Avalanche is an open-source platform that offers lower costs to launch smart contracts.

It’s also favoured for its ability to handle high transaction volumes, with rapid finalisation of transactions. And because it uses the proof of stake validation protocol its energy requirements are low.

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The Dacxi Advantage

Dacxi is a pioneer of digital assets and tokenization. Dacxi’s proprietary technology and platform provide everyday investors with access to a carefully curated catalog of investment opportunities, including select cryptocurrencies and bundles.

Dacxi’s catalog also includes tokenized precious metals, one of the oldest asset classes in existence. Dacxi’s exchange provides individuals and companies unprecedented access to build a portfolio of precious metals.

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