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Introduction Binance Smart Chain (BSC) & PancakeSwap (CAKE) Tutorial

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This video explains Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and also provides an introduction into PancakeSwap and a short tutorial on how to set up a Metamask wallet in order to interact with decentralized applications built on top of Binance Smart Chain.

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Add Custom BSC Network:

MetaMask Tutorial:
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Time Stamps:
Binance Smart Chain Explained – 0:00
Setting Up BSC Wallet – 3:12
Using PancakeSwap – 5:08


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  1. Nice clip! I've been following pancake and think its a very appealing project tbh. I was hoping to see on the video some clear comparison about the Ethereal gas fees and the ones on BSC? Thanks about the tutorial on setting up the Meta Mask to interact with BSC as I had no idea this even was the case. Thanks for sharing

  2. Pancakeswap is your gateway to these massive gains, staking with Cake grants you some sweet returns as well

  3. Hey bro. I see ur promoting voyager. What’s the benefits of it as oppose to other platforms like Coinbase or similar

  4. Do you HAVE to use metamask? Because after changing the policies there's no privacy left, they can do anything with anything on your devices…read about it. Thanks.

  5. Well explained bro , I’m sick of eth fees , and Binance are listing some great new tokens on their chain.

  6. What is the difference between Binance Smart Chain Wallet and Custom RPC in Metamask. I clicked the video thinking it would teach me Binance Smart Chain Wallet but I am even more confused now.

  7. For anyone who lives in a state that blocked by binance, you can buy BNB with eth through the SafePal wallet

  8. i cant unlock wallet on pancake swap, when i chose Metamask so nothing happens!! plz i need help, is that something with trust wallet to do?? have i miss something

  9. If I have USDT in my MetaMask wallet can I use that to trade for some CAKE instead of BNB since I do not have any

  10. I'm confused about something. if you put your bnb and pancake in a liquidity pool, do you earn the apy but lose the upside of the two tokens?

  11. Burned thousands in fees on uniswap – so i'm game for this pancake swap revolution.

    Do i have to send my tokens on my ethereum meta mask wallet back to binance before sending them to my binance metamask wallet? I just did a test with $1 usdt sent to my binance wallet through my ethereum wallet and I never received it

  12. Hi there nice explanation and already subscribe 🙂
    what some risk if you put bnb / cake in pancakeswap pool >
    cant seems find any real explanation, only saying there's always some risk

  13. When I try to send myself BNB, it's telling me my address format is wrong. what am i to do here?

  14. * Important The Binance Chain Chrome extention can do a cross network swap to be able to send from binance chain ( The default BNB token chain to your newly created custom RPC ( metamask ) binance Smart Chain

  15. Can you explain why your address changed from Ox1c_1437 -> Ox8D_5B71? Im really confused.. I just did all the steps and it looks to me that your BSC Metamask address will always be the same as your ETH mainnet address, is that correct?

  16. you can only trade BSC tokens on BSC/pancake, right? or is it possible to trade cross chain there? trade dot token, erc-20s, ect?
    if its limited, there are not many things to buy sell yet on there I would assume..

  17. Is it possible to keep all BSC tokens on ledger/trezor and use your cold wallet to make trades on pancake swap and interact with other dapps on BSC just like on ETH using ledger, ect? thanks

  18. What exactly is rpc url? Why is it that every tutorial video I watch, they enter something slightly different?

  19. I know how to get on it but now, if I want to withdraw my tokens I bought on pancake back to bnb on binance how do you do that?

  20. Thanks for the info. I followed all the instructions, but when I open my wallet on BSCSCAN, all is in 0 except the fact that I already have 2 tokens (ANY and FREE). Is that normal?

  21. Can you show how do this low fee crypto swapping on trust wallet using pancake & binance smart chain thingy…… i am struggling to understand

  22. I have a question for anyone out there who might know;

    If you were to buy some Eth on pancake and hold it in your metamask wallet(smartchain network), then try to send it to another one of your accounts in your metamask wallet (but on the ethereum mainnet) so you can use it to purchase something on uniswap….how would you go about sending it?

  23. I honestly don’t want to use my BNB to swap into projects on BSC, I see ERC20 tokens as an option to swap from and into BSC tokens, is this possible and do we need to select the ethereum network or BSC network on the MetaMask?

  24. you see in the bottom left corner where it states your balance? for some reason i cant use it to stake. what does the pancake ballance on the bottom left on the screen mean and how do we use it?

  25. I recently withdrew Frontier Tokens (FRONT) from my Binance account and deposited it into my Binance Smart Chain Wallet and received a confirmation that it was successfully deposited.
    BUT I can’t find it on the listings among my other deposited crypto and the confirmation is showing me a BLANK.
    Has anyone else had this issue? I received an email confirmation and everything saying that’s it’s in the wallet but I can’t find it at al. This is so weird. I’m worried I’ve lost the tokens.

  26. Hi, suppose that I trade bnb with reef via metamask wallet, then reef will be saved in my metamask wallet right? Do I need to do any additional settings as it's an erc20? (please help me with this doubt)

  27. So do you have to start with BnB to swap? Cant i send ETH to this wallet and swap that instead? I see ETH listed in the coin list…

  28. riddle me this. how do i load a fucking binance token onto the wallet that start with a god damn O

  29. Im on and trying to send to Pancake swap and need the BSC BEP20 transfer network to complete. It only shows me Bep2 not BSC20, what do I do?

  30. How can we follow your portfolio and earnings on Pancake… Please reply! Can we?

  31. Uniswap is most used decentralized exchange protocol and recently started QFinance Hub based on uni offer easy pool making.

  32. Hi, very helpful video, thanks for creating. I'm having a few issues (user, not technical) with my Metamask on the BSC network and wondered if you could help. I'm sure it's very straight forward to someone with experience, juts a bit beyond me as new to Crypro..Thanks

  33. I just swaped on pancake with my Binance smart chain wallet, but where did the tokens i swaped for go? I can find them anywhere.

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