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Is Defigram (DFG) Token Scam or Legit ??

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Hello guys today I am going to tell you about that defy gram token is a legit or a scam now before you start the video Let’s Hear My legal description none of the information given in this video should be taken as a financial advice please make your investment according to your

Own research I am not a financial advisor firstly you will open this token on coin market cap after that you will check public comment like bullies and bearish comment Now here you will check every comment in detail after that go to chat section and click on Telegram now you will open this token on Telegram and here you will search scam so here different comment is showing related to scam you will check every comment in detail foreign market cap

Then you will copy token name and you will open Dex tool paste here and you will open this token then you will check Community Trust now here you can check buying and selling transaction detail foreign market cap then go to market section so finally here you will check that this

Token is available or not on popular exchanges like binance coinbase and Google if I share my opinion with you then this token 60 chances is that it is a lazy tors genuine token thanks for watching

In this video, I am going to share that Defigram (DFG) Token is legit or a scam. I have made videos based on online data, I am not a financial advisor investing in crypto at my own risk.

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Alert: I’m Just saying, I don’t Recommend Investing, I’m just doing Reviews, I’ve never said they’re legit, I’ve Never said They’re Scam, I talk about the Info that I have and feel free to invest or to not invest, it’s your choice, you guys have the whole chooses .. (not financial advice)



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