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Is Elon Musk Buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOGE? Altcoins?

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333 crypto and tonight we’re going to chat a little bit about crypto and a little bit about Elon Musk now we have invited Elon to our live stream chat here so if he shows up in the comments please let me know and I really did put out an invite I

Know that it’s improbable improbable that he will join us but you never know you just never know if you don’t ask folks you’ll just never know now it’s kind of funny I’m a believer that if you have faith if you believe in fact if we had you know 10 000 viewers listening to

This simultaneously and each one of us were you know deeply meditating and requesting uh Mr musk to join us we might be able to get him to we might be able to get him to especially especially if we all had neurolink uh you know implants and he had one too and we could

Contact him that way now that’s obviously something that’s far off into the future and it’s actually a bit crazy but that’s uh that’s how a Madman thinks you have to believe that all things are possible all things are possible now immediately after putting that tweet out

Um you know I send a little tweet out I say this is my video this is when we’re going to do it and I put that I had invited Elon you always get your Skeptics right uh the initial comment was oh boy you’re desperate for viewers

I always say you know God gives me the viewers I’m supposed to have you don’t measure an Elite Force or an army by the numbers right sometimes a small Elite group of people can can do much more than an army and that’s kind of how I

Look at the people that that come to my channel the people that follow my channel you my friends right the folks who meet with me just about every day to chat crypto into chat defy we are few but we are strong and I think we’re pretty smart folks too which is why we

You know if you if you don’t if you follow my channel if you don’t hit the like button subscribe that type of thing but always read the comments because some of the best tokens I’ve found in crypto some of the best defy tokens I’ve found were tokens left in the comments

Um by viewers and and I’ve reviewed those at a later date and I thought wow that’s a good good one that’s a good one so why am I talking about Elon Musk well I like Elon obviously right who doesn’t I mean he’s he’s super smart he’s done amazing

Things he’s quite witty and he really is standing up for the truth right now um if you look at what he’s doing uh with Twitter right we know that uh Speech was kind of suppressed there we know that um certain uh viewpoints were uh prioritized and and While others were

Squashed and I I don’t think what elon’s doing here is saying he wants to pick a winner right he’s not saying he’s picking the left or the right he’s not saying this group wins this loses or vice versa what he’s doing with Twitter is he’s really just trying to let both

Sides have some say and that’s called free speech and and I think he’s wise enough to know that if he walks into a room full of Rocket scientists even if he’s thinking everything should be left that maybe he’s wrong and he should listen to other people in the room

Because maybe Wright is the best path and and and I think he’s trying to accomplish that kind of um uh discourse or discussion on on Twitter right I don’t care if you’re the farthest left of left or you’re the farthest right of right we all got to meet in the middle

And we all have to chat right if we don’t if we can’t chat we’re in trouble right if you can’t talk at the level of a friendship or if you can’t talk at the level of a family then you’re going to have dysfunction you’re going to have

Issues right and it’s no different with a country it’s no different with the globe right you have to have discourse and Twitter allows that right I can chat with someone from the Middle East about something or someone from India or South America about a cryptocurrency or an

Issue and we we should be able to have a place to debate that and debate things and I think that is exactly what Elon is turning Twitter into in fact if you look here it says they this is crazy when you think about how big this platform is

It’s crazy it’s crazy he says this platform is growing fast so we know Twitter’s growing that’s a good thing right it’s much more fun to use now there’s little features that I think are much better um he says you know we just exceeded eight billion user minutes per day of

The most influential smartest people on earth now I think he was directing that last portion of the sentence at me and my viewers because we are smart I don’t know if we’re really influential but hey we try to be right we try to spread the truth we try to spread uh you know

Information that’s good from a cryptocurrency perspective and we also try to spread a little love right we talk about doing kind things for people we talk about making the world better um you know that’s that’s kind of what any platform should do so I I love that

To Twitter is is getting you know getting more users getting more activity and that’s a beautiful thing this is funny here I love this tweet he says the banking system is collapsing at the top and Elon tweeted this about three hours ago and then arrest Donald Trump I guess

There’s a plan to arrest him next week you know folks I’m just a big believer in um government uh not abusing power I’m not a believer in abusing power and I’m just going to leave it at that and then there’s some priorities uh that are coming down the road and what I mean

Is arresting someone or uh you know for something that probably isn’t true and again it’s not a political issue but it’s clearly clearly what’s going on here is a political issue okay but that could be you folks you know you could sit there I don’t care what side of the

Aisle you’re on you could sit there and say haha that’s great he’s getting arrested or you may say hey that’s horrible he’s getting arrested but if you’re the haha group that could be you one day what if it’s haha you’re arrested or haha your son or daughter is

Arrested for something that isn’t just fair or right right so so the legal system isn’t meant to be weaponized and we could talk about that tangent all night but clearly people disagree with that even potentially happening and there are some people out there that believe if that happens it will simply

Make that individual stronger so in the next coming weeks Twitter is going to prioritize a few things um uh it says in the coming weeks Twitter will prioritize replies by people who follow verified account ounce and you should get verified if you’re not I recently got verified and then

Unverified accounts so I like this that we’ll be able to kind of communicate more amongst ourselves those those who follow me and those that I follow Twitter’s going to kind of tweak that a bit so we can you know I follow a lot of crypto folks and I don’t get as many

Crypto tweets uh on my timelines timeline as I would like I’m not sure I’m kind of you know I’m probably uh not as tech savvy as I should be when it comes to Twitter but no matter what I adjust it seems like I always have to search for uh crypto

Stuff more than I I would like to so and it says here verified accounts are a thousand times harder to gain by bot and troll armies so folks again get verified if you can it means you can’t be the Bots can’t harass you the the trollers

Can’t harass you and he says there is great wisdom to the old saying you get what you pay for okay it isn’t expensive to get verified I do think Twitter has ran better for me personally since I was verified so you might want to check into

That yourself so I just like how um I like what elon’s doing with Twitter and I was thinking about Elon today I like to read he’s witty so I was kind of looking at some of the funny things he was posting and again I like how he’s

Bringing debate to both sides of the aisle but I was thinking you know I know Elon he has a lot of money right in fact they say he’s the richest man in the world um you know and people like Elon and I do believe Elon right now is probably

Probably buying Bitcoin let me look to the comments to see if he’s here um I could see some Ayala here let’s go to the comments real quick I got to make it a little bigger and uh me says that’s right and he was replying I believe to

The fact that I said if you don’t if you don’t ask Elon to show up he never will right that’s why I asked him I put out a tweet I invited him I got on a tweet that he was interacting with and I invited him maybe if we invite him once

A week for the next two years or three years maybe eventually he’ll join us I’m not sure but why not now Timbo Slice is here that’s a good one I like MMA and Kimbo you know went and fought in the uh did some MMA and Kimbo was a street

Fighter but man he was tough and this is a spin-off on his name Timbo Slice JD is here good to see you brother and again folks I’m not I’m not putting out the Elon thing for followers I mean sure I’ve I’ve worked my butt off for a couple years

I’d love to have 500 000 followers but honestly I’m appreciative of each of you and I don’t even know what we’re at now I think maybe we’re close to 20 000 or 15 000 I don’t know on my total you know YouTube channel but somewhere along the

Line the algorithms shut me down when I first started my channel it was really running smoothly we were getting nice gains and then the outgo shut me down but when I get on my knees at night I I don’t ask for anything except what uh

The God above feels I need right and I want you to think that way too about life right don’t don’t ask to be a billionaire because it might not necessarily be easy to be a billionaire I’m sure if Elon were here and we asked him hey Elon is it easy being a

Billionaire he’d tell you hell no hell no because it’s not there’s a lot of responsibility there’s a lot of people going after you all the time and you’re just not a regular guy or a regular woman right there’s a lot of Beauty in just being a regular woman I can go to a

Garden or a park or or the beach and just walk down the beach in my bare feet picking up shells and nobody’s going to bother me right now that can’t happen with Elon the minute somebody sees who he is you know his peace is gone I don’t need bodyguards right he probably does

Right I don’t have the media constantly poking into my life he probably does so be careful what you wish for folks just just ask for what it is you need right be like the birds in the field right the birds of the field do not ask the God

Above for their next meal they just live life they tweet they tweet get it Twitter they tweet they’re happy and and they’re basically taken care of and that’s kind of always what your prayers should be not that you have too much but that you just have enough because quite

Frankly the money is isn’t what’s going to make you happy it’s you it’s your heart it’s your soul it’s your daily existence those are the things that are going to make you happy so just try to make the most of your days and you will be the richest person one of the richest

People on the planet so so Elon obviously isn’t in my comments here or he’s just listening and not commenting haha but anyway so trust the path says born Matrix TV easy River says thumbs up and then all things are possible that’s why we are here T-Bones is correct all things are possible you

See I’m a believer that anything worthwhile is difficult I believe it I believe it with all my heart and all my soul in fact my life has been a struggle since as early as I can remember there was always something horrible there was always something terrible going on uh my my childhood

Wasn’t easy it’s it’s all I’ve been one of those people you know everybody talks about privilege this privilege that that’s nonsense I’ve had to work for everything I had I had to spend time in the military to get what I’ve had what I have and I have you know really

Accomplished you know I’m a physician I’ve accomplished decent things but it’s all been a struggle right and then right when you think you’re right where everything’s good and great guess what happens something else happens right something else knocks you down something else beats you up and no matter what if

You just stay the course if you just do the right thing you still find joy in the struggle in fact if God came to me tomorrow and said I will take away struggle from you I will take away struggle from your children your life will be easy you’ll have everything you

Want just say the word I’d say no no no I don’t I want to struggle I want to become wiser I want to become better and the only way to get that right is through struggle is through the challenges of life whoever created this whoever created this was very wise right

I don’t believe it was a big bang I don’t think we just popped up from The Ether I certainly believe there was a Creator and and that were created but whoever did it is is amazing because it’s just it’s it’s it’s really interesting how the struggle is what

Builds character the struggle is what makes you a better person and Lessons Learned make you wiser wiser wiser so not to get off on a tangent but I was thinking about how how it’s very probable that Elon Musk is buying crypto again and and maybe he’ll announce something soon and I was

Thinking you know look at this right there folks look at the Bitcoin price 27 333.94 what do I tell you all the time that’s the universe smiling at us you see it right there look at that bitcoin price I didn’t make that happen that is the universe smiling at us that’s a

Little wink that’s a hello right there look I even clicked and refreshed it twenty seven thousand three hundred and thirty three dollars and 94 cents do you think I did that nope and I know y’all didn’t do it that is that’s the universe that’s the universe saying yes sir you

Are correct you are correct if you trust the path if you have faith anything is possible so and I’m even looking over here at my stream chat comments I’m fully expecting Elon to chime in and if he doesn’t hear maybe he’ll chime in another time or maybe he’ll reach out to

Me on Twitter and message me and we can do a Twitter space together I don’t know but if we don’t think it it’s not possible and that gets back to crypto right that gets back to trusting the path that gets back to you know when we when we were buying all these tokens

That I’m down on significantly all these tokens that I’m down on significantly that I’ve bought over the past one to two years many of them I rode up to the top and wrote them right back down okay and some of them I sold a little bit of

Just because at the time you know it made sense but but we know all those tokens all those good Protocols are eventually going to go back up we know that because as goes Bitcoin as goes ethereum so goes everything else and right now I do suspect people like Elon are buying Bitcoin

Because with only 21 million Bitcoin and so many folks with a lot of money like Elon on the planet and so many regular people like us that need to put our money somewhere safe we are going to buy Bitcoin and with only 21 million you can

Just see the price going up as the demand goes up and then anybody who’s smart right if you’re an Elon Musk or you’re one of these Michael Saylor types you know Michael Saylor might be a Bitcoin preacher but I can I can bet you he’s probably out in ethereum and I can

Bet you that if if Elon were here he would probably say yes ethereum’s a good purchase I don’t know if he’d buy it but I do really believe he’s probably buying Bitcoin and ethereum I know he’s a fan of Doge and we can’t talk about Elon Musk without mentioning Doge I think

It’s actually illegal to do that I’m kidding but he might actually be buying Doge and we know that Elon we know that Twitter we know that Twitter has thought about adding cryptocurrencies right we know that’s a fact so you might wake up one morning to Twitter being able to tip

People in crypto right or to do things on the in the Twitter world with crypto and that would be a wonderful awesome and good thing because then you can you can tip me nicely no I’m kidding I I don’t need any tips but oh look at this

Bitcoin up seven days 33.1 percent okay yeah right you got it you got it so interesting folks it’s interesting times the big money the Michael Sailors the the Elon Musk the people in the know and I promise you all these Banks right all these Banks if we could dig into the if

We could dig into the account of BlackRock or Goldman Sachs or wherever we could see that these guys are buying these tokens hand over fist and the reason they’re scaring the hell out of everybody is they want them cheap and the only way they can get them cheap is

If you sell okay now if they were honest about it they would they could come out and say hey we’re buying crypto let’s all do this together let’s just create a wonderful world and build out crypto and be the dominant player on the globe in

The US right they could do that but no instead they’re greedy and they try to scare you into selling yours right but I don’t think they really realized how tight the hands are of people that own crypto like myself and you and the other folks that are here now we’re little minnows

And the big people are whales so they’re buying these big ones but guess what’s going to happen folks you’re going to have an all coin season right and what does that mean it means all these little tokens that I’ve been looking at lately let’s pick one we’ll pick zigzag since I

Made a video about that recently you know these little tokens like zigzag and zigzag is in exchange that’s being built on the ZK sync chain that’s coming out but zigzag is a little 764 rank token that nobody knows about well after your Bitcoin runs and your ethereum runs then

Your small tokens like this are going to run and the difference is these small tokens they don’t just one or two acts like ethereum does or Bitcoin they 5x10x20x50x100x so that’s why we focus on these little things on my channel and all of the ones I’ve talked about

Recently are great we just have to be patient with them it’s a little hard to do it because you buy it and it goes down or it goes up or it goes up and it goes down but you can’t look at this as you know over the next two weeks or over

The next two months I believe we’re entering into a bull market I believe the end of 2023 will bring crypto higher I believe 2024 after the Bitcoin having and through the Bitcoin having is going to be awesome and I believe Bitcoin will lead the way as well as ethereum and

Then all of our little alts are going to run now I don’t see I don’t see Elon in the comments yet okay but maybe next week There’s Michael Harley he is he is as important to me as Elon he’s been a follower here for a long time yes Michael zigzag we I can’t

Wait till ZK sync releases because every token that’s on ZK sync that’s new like this like zigzag that’s small could potentially go higher now your other ones like your sushis and your makers and that type of thing they might get a little bump from ZK sync but they’re not

Going to get the bump that this small token is here’s the ZK sync protocol chain right here this is uh this is going to be a new era in crypto it’s you know I’ve made videos about this but if you go here into their ecosystem when

They release in a few weeks you know your makers will get a bump from it your uniswaps and your sushis but your littler ones your little or smaller protocols like zigzag should get a real nice bump so we just have to be patient for that and there’s multi-chain I’m a

Big fan of multi-chain that used to be any Swap and that price has been down low for a while so we probably need to revisit that also but every little gem we’ve ever accumulated every little seed we’ve planted it’s gonna it’s gonna grow in time and I think if Elon were here

And you asked him you know hey Elon do you have to be patient to become wealthy he would say hell yeah you have to be patient and become wealthy it wasn’t easy for Elon right it’s never easy to make that kind of money and I also think

If you asked Elon does money equate to happiness he would tell you no right I think he would absolutely tell you no now I don’t think Elon lives life to make money I think he lives life to create things I think he lives life to

Make the most of his days I think he’s uh he’s just this this Creator he’s a Creator he’s a Creator he’s a person who likes to to make the world better I think in some weird way and that is why he is successful if money is your goal

You will not find success if passion excitement uh and and making the world better is your goal then you will find success and oftentimes that success comes in the form of money so Michael Harley says have you checked out ZK space I have not Michael but I will look

At it I actually saw it when I was kind of dabbling around on a few things I’ve come across it but since you mentioned it Michael I’ll dig into it a little bit so now folks you know I don’t like to go on and on Elon did not show up this week

We’ll try to invite him again next week maybe he’ll reach out to me on Twitter maybe he won’t right maybe he won’t but I think we should try to invite some strange people on occasion I mean that this you know what gave me the idea for this

Zen zen right because a couple Fridays ago I was doing a live stream or not even a couple it was a while ago a couple months I was doing a live stream on a Friday night and guess who joined us Jack Levin the founder of Zen literally joined in the live stream and

Then I reached out to him on Twitter and we ended up doing a Twitter space so I thought if Jack Levin you know could reach out why couldn’t you know why why couldn’t I get somewhat as important as Elon Musk because I think Jack’s important I think what Jack has done uh

In the crypto space is wonderful and good so and this is also a an inadvertent shout out to my zen folks because Zen’s a great protocol I always say with Zen meant and claim out as far as you can and accumulate tokens so JD I think I’ll try to invite Michael Saylor

And maybe if I can sell folks don’t forget if you’re going to go to the Bitcoin conference in in the description of my video there’s a link where you can use my code to buy a ticket there if I can sell five it’s not a lot okay five easily tickets

I shouldn’t say measly but five tickets then I can get a press pass to get into the back room and meet people like Michael Saylor that’s my only reason for I mean I want to sell tickets to help them so I’m going to keep doing that but

If I could get that press pass it would be super helpful because I’d like to meet Michael Saylor and then get him on my channel right or whoever else I can meet there right so that’s kind of my reason for doing that you know I don’t

Like to plug stuff to make money I don’t do promotions or anything like that everything I do I just do because we love crypto but I am promoting that Bitcoin conference just so I can get that press pass so or if you have some tie into the Bitcoin world and you can

Get me that press pass anyway see what you could do for me but that’s my thought there folks so JD will work on Michael Saylor there’s some other even to Andre cronya right Andre Kanye big D5 guy there’s people in the D5 space that I need to start reaching out to and

Chatting with okay and that goes for the small folks too right because the small guy might end up being a big guy one day so and I think Jack Levin is that potential person I think Zen’s going to grow pretty big in time so folks I’m not

Going to go on and on I always like to keep it simple for you so um God bless have a good evening I’ll be back up tomorrow Sunday I take the day off so I’ll see you all back on Monday okay hit the like button give me a thumbs up and

Thank you very much God bless bye

Elon Musk was invited to join us on the livestream. Elon Musk loves cryptocurrency, and it is very likely that he and many others are buying Bitcoin and Ethereum, DOGE, and other cryptocurrencies and altcoins.

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