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Is Kadena Crypto Mining OVER? #shorts

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Kadena mining used to be one of the most profitable forms of mining.

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  1. Kadena's longterm outlook is amazing. let's not forget ALL mining is bad right now. That said, it's the only coin that can actually support a full metaverse AND has ties to Healthcare AND is onboarding the ability to run the stock exchange. If anything has the ability to surpass ETH, Kadena is ahead of it's time.

  2. I think the issue here was obviously goldshell trying to make ridiculous profit off of investors. Now bitmains new miner comes out and people are pissed that the pricing for previous miners was so hight that unless you were one of the first to buy you wont ROI. I say mining is great especially for tax write offs, but for coins like kadena where the MC and price are low your better off straight buying the coin

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