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Is Solana a good investment ⚠️ What I did with my SOL

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Is Solana a good investment ⚠️ What I did with my SOL
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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. Your investments are solely your responsibility and we do not provide personalized investment advice. It is crucial that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments. Please consult your financial or tax professional prior to making an investment.

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  1. Josh what do you think about gemini
    You think they're going to declare in bankruptcy, Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you 😊.

  2. With all the geopolitical issues and inflation and economic tragedies, should we really have thatch faith in the FDIC to insure our investmentsm

  3. FTX being exposed is not market related and cant be called a market bottom. They fell from corrupt spending practices being discovered. Nothing connected to a "bottom". It they were exposed mid market same thing would have happened.

  4. Great content!
    Can you also tell us more about CRO and MANA?
    Are you still holding any of them?
    Thanks Josh!

  5. Thanks for the video Josh. On a previous video, you mentioned that Tesla would be coming down to around $135, after it had climbed to around $213. Do you still think that Tesla will climb to this level or thereabouts, or will it continue downwards.
    Thanks for the information re Matic & Quant. I am in Matic already and I am looking to increase my position, but I was going to go down the Polkadot route instead. I will look at Quant more closely now.
    Last of all, do you know if MooMoo will become available for us in the UK?
    Enjoy Thanksgiving & thanks for your help.

  6. I feel like every stock/ crypto I invested, somehow I always got destroyed. Recently I lost my job and my pro-folio is down like 70-80%. My Solana average price is $80/. Now I can’t even invest or withdraw money. 😞

  7. We'll come back to this video in a couple of years when the Solana is over $1,000!

  8. Thanks for the Solana Update.
    Your pick of QUANT and MATIC was for me a very good move… but you forget 2 very good ones, and that is KUSAMA and KDA ( You need to check on that )… Anyway, keep up the good works, we appreciate all your EFFORTS and Time.. we love you….
    Can you please, please, please make an Update on TESLA..😊??what will be a good buy Price for Tesla to go into Heavy buy for the Long time Hold..??

  9. My weekly buys are set for every Sunday night, it's not much, but I'm prepared to buy to 0 and back.
    0.002 BTC
    0.02 ETH
    2 SOL
    250 DOGE
    2,500,000 SHIB

  10. What would your limit prices be for Apple, Google, msft and tesla. And are you buying any chargepoint, draftking, etc or only blue chip for now

  11. I think the reason why SOL is keeping its stability is because it has a great ecosystem, ftx really made a big impact on SOL, but SOL itself is good and i believe in it still

  12. Investing is akin to sowing a seed. There is one season for planting and another for cultivation. You plant a seed when you invest, you'll be smiling to the bank when it comes to cultivation time. Today boost your net wort by investing with the right knowledge and financial consultant… *

  13. Yeah and Quant and Matic could have their big dumps at any time, they are due to go into the toilet anytime now. There is nothing that makes them immune to what every other crypto has gone through, they are just delayed and if it goes back to where it came from……..Matic was .02 in 2020….so watch out!

  14. Josh. Brother , where do you see ETH for the upcoming few months for a buy zone ? Thinking around $1,050 ? Or less ?

  15. I do have a concern that these domino effect from failed exchanges could cause USDT Tether stablecoin to collapse and the fallout of thst would be much worse than the FTX debacle and that would push crypto into a nuclear winter.

  16. Why would I sell my solana when I’m already down $800 and only $180 left to pull.. many of use have been buying since Larry was talking about it at $200

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