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Is Solana DEAD? || FTX Begs Binance for Bailout || SBF Owns 10% Solana Supply

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Solana Crashes | Is Solana Over?

What It TAKES to be an Early Solana Validator💎

Solana Will 20x Next Bull Cycle

Solana Web3 Native Phone Allows MASS Adoption to DEFI

Solana Web3 Native Phone Allows MASS Adoption to DEFI

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  1. The market has disccounted everything for now… the chapter 11 will allow FTX to reorganize… (2 -4 years from now)… and then they will sell the tokens… there's no reason to go on exchanges.. that deal is going to be OTC….. and I'm buying sol… desperatelly buying sol… even if it goes to 1 digit… i will keep buying!.

  2. She's coming down hard.
    Solana is either going to die or it is going to be one of the best opportunities of this decade.
    I will run the risk and buy all the way down.

  3. Loved your video bro your completely right this I'd a great buying opportunity I cannot see it dying its too big to easy to use too cheap gas fees ppl are flocking too it in masses your exactly right the price does not reflect its tech

  4. It is a Huge Play For Solana.

    Solana’s Market Cap, Value and Holdings Have Now Been Totally Changed.

    This Now Means it Only Takes a Few People to Invest Massively into Solana and it Will Skyrocket Simple as that Really.

    Lastly I Don’t Think it Will Happen in 2022 But in 2023 it Will.

  5. I think it’s exactly like picking which stocks will go up: Total luck if you guess right (after which time, everyone will call you a “genius investor”). But 99.9% of these coins will be gone. I think a casino offers considerably better winning odds.

  6. Thank you Cyberena. Really appreciate your input . Please do regular updates and hopefully SOL will survive and peace and blessings to all on this sad day

  7. For others like me that git into Solana at the peak… I feel your pain 😞 That said, this is the time of crisis that has nothing to do with how strong Solana actually is. Very interesting time and I will continue to DCA and may even turn the volume up if I can because Solana is only getting better

  8. What about the Solana validator staking epoch 370? It got another 9 hrs to go before the release. If this sell off, we might see SOL breaking the two digits price. Yes, it'd be a great buying opp but no one really know. My guessing is that if you can tolerate the risk then take life opportunity presented at you.

  9. The death of FTx at the hands of Binance has to result in an increase in bnb token. It will be interesting to see Binance develop now.

  10. I bought some Solana, btc, Kadena, ape, poly, and Doge. It really doesn’t matter what I buy though. It’s all upside now.

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