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Is the bottom in for Bitcoin? Bitcoin and all the market-related talks

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In this episode we discuss Bitcoin and the market in general after the FTX black swan; whether we should pay attention to FTT and Solana; whether it is a good time to buy APTOS; when DOGE to $1; a lot of good short opportunities, good targets for the long-term buy on the assets of the high demand.

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Disclaimer: This video doesn’t contain any calls for any actions. This video content (review) represents the personal thoughts and analysis of the author. The author is not a financial expert and does not give any financial advice. If you are willing to use any information from this video, please, do your own research before doing so. The author does not bear any responsibility for the actions and decisions you made after watching this content. You are the only one who is responsible for your own decisions. Keep that in mind.

00:00 – Bitcoin
29:53 – REN
32:23 – Tron
35:05 – S&P/DXY
40:08 – FTT
44:09 – Solana
50:35 – Optimism
53:56 – MATIC
01:01:36 – DOGE
01:04:54 – NEAR
01:09:22 – AKASH
01:13:05 – ATOM
01:15:47 – Filecoin
01:18:17 – Chiliz
01:21:10 – HBAR
01:23:08 – APTOS
01:27:55 – TWT
01:30:08 – CRO
01:31:38 – WOO
01:35:53 – Injective
01:38:04 – Polkadot
01:39:17 – MINA


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