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Is The Crypto Market Ready To Rebound? Focus on BTC, ETH and WhiteBIT Token

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WhiteBIT is one of the largest European cryptocurrency exchanges.
What is really surprising about this broker is that they possess European Exchange and Custody licenses.
WhiteBIT meets the KYC and AML requirements.
That means that you will have reliable protection of assets and their security.

You can also make passive income from your money even if you don’t intend to invest in certain time periods.
Earn up to 30% of passive income on BTC, ETH, and USDT.
These interest rates are impressive compared to other brokers.

They have also low trade rates (up to 0.1%)
You can trade more than 450 trading pairs
And their referral program offers 40% revenue from referral trading commissions

If you want protected funds and earn more passive income, you can open an account via the referral link in the comments section below.

WhiteBIT Referral Link:


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