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Is THIS Evidence That Coffeezilla is WRONG About SafeMoon!?

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The SafeMoon community responds to Coffeezilla with a series of posts aiming to debunk or devalue many of his claims and accussations.

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Link to video mentioned – https://youtu.be/XKFR1r1XlJw?t=4185

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  1. Lol tell me one example I'm history where an entire team was doing corruption and the leader was an innocent bystander. Never. 😆 john is a fraud.

  2. Even with the current dip in crypto currency’s I’m glad I can smile 😊 back at my portfolio of $4500 built from my weekly trading I’m having my sixth withdrawal in two weeks investing through expert Cardone Greyson .

  3. Also have to remember how much time it would take, to make a counter statement to Coffee. A lot happens over a year and I dont think they remember every old detail while working on new stuff. Its more easy for Safemooners to make counter points, since mistakes are allowed. A statement from Safemoon with a number error would be used against them.
    People should read Coffee description and listen how he speaks, not what he says. His video is put together with a high focus on saying stuff in a way it cant bite him in the ass afterwards.
    Example "Everything is speculation and opinion" "This is a story(not real)" "This person says" You will also notice that some words are being said faster with a lower tone, so you dont pick up the manipulation of how your brain picks it up as facts, when hes not really stateting a fact.

  4. Even with the current dip in crypto currency’s
    I’m glad I can smile 😊 back at my portfolio of $107,000built from my weekly trading I’m having my sixth withdrawal in 14 business days🤗 investing through expert mrs Jessica Kimberly

  5. Big mistake is to come to a conclusion so quickly

    I'd declare victory once the exchange is out and running raising the volume and people making money

  6. Tha USA is a odd country so much of the country supports a man who is a wanna be despot. And when people steal their money and lie to them they think it's cool and even idolise these people…really weird. Its like a large portion of the countries people have no morale compass….outrageous.

  7. Why would anybody do anything wrong on a blockchain when it’s an open ledger? 🤔 it may take sometime but in most cases it’s easy to just follow the $ sfm 🌙🚀

  8. Simply incredible work from Rumoni to destroy Coffeezilla 👏 🙌 Every Safemoon holder knew the narrative of Coffeezilla was so wrong, so to have Rumoni on the side of Safemoon is a pure blessing.

  9. If Coffee is going to investigate Crypto scams he should start with the biggest ones:

    CARDANO and XRP!

  10. CZ main point is about the LP being opened when it was sold to everyone as being locked… think there is no question that this is the case so nothing to argue about. You cannot call it "FUD" or push back on it… it's fact. The next big issue is what happened to the BM maney that went to wallets associated with TANO in which JK was the only holder…. I am not sure myself but I think we will have more information soon…. we know others took from the LP and profited, want to understand if JK did as well. Lets see.

  11. If it's easy for an individual not in the team to rebutt Starbuckszilla then why should John bother with this nonsense? I know, he shouldn't bother. It's BS and Coffeecakezilla knows it so let him just wither on the vine into nothingness. The army knows it's garbage and it just needs to be taken out and put away, no attention otherwise needs to be given to this foolishness.

  12. Defamation lawsuit now! He dropped safemoon price and should pay for it, or he should give up binance for paying him to fud safemoon

  13. Don’t bother with coffeezilla…his name is Stephen and a background search shows that he is a cocaine user, domestic abuser, and scammer

  14. Coffeezilla was right on a lot of stuff Safemoon broke promises like crazy. No wonder the price goes down n down n down.

  15. I just feel like there are some safemoon haters and will fud all they can. I'm good with everything going on at safemoon and my money 💰 will not move from it. Even when I first Heard about this stealing from liquidity pool and all this other stuff. I already had the feeling that it would be going towards paying the people that work at safemoon. I mean let's be honest most work to get paid. Honestly CoffeeZilla just looks bad for this in my 👀 and the way he tries to fight with safemoon community members is just disgusting. Safemoon strong 💪.

  16. ummm did you watch the debate? SafeMoon sam portrayed himself as an autistic 16 yr old kid who couldn't help but yell and throw so many arguments at once so that Coffee would have trouble responding them point-by-point. Please watch it and see it for yourself

  17. Medusa Finance is the most promising project , well thought mechanism and predictable sustainability …. don’t miss out on this one..three days old ,best entry is now . Take it from the old crypto vet ..

  18. I am a holder. I watched that debate. Safemoonsam did a poor job in that debate. I will need to verify rumonis math so i cannot speculate on the validity of that. In my opinion even if coffeezillas videos are correct then that just means safemoon gets new leadership. At the end of the day a lot of people bought safemoon because of the ideas presented from this team. They made us realize these things are possibilities. Why can't a crypto be a telecom giant in an emerging african market you know? So even if john and every leader so far was misapporpriating funds the future of safemoon is still bright. Because at the end of the day when a bank manager gets caught stealing money from the bank, the bank doesnt usually shut down they replace the manager and move on.

  19. Safemoon has the biggest community and cocainzilla is just looking for views. I’m wondering when the defamation lawsuit happens. It has been proven that he knew information was inaccurate before he ever said it

  20. Coffeezilla is just trying to protect his image at this point. It would be too embarrassing for him to admit he's wrong at this point. Even if Safemoon comes forward with an official statement he's still gonna find stuff to call them out on (even if theres no basis to the argument). Best to ignore him. 😉👍

    He has officially lost all credibility from me. 😅

  21. I listened to it and I amazed that two YouTubers were interviewed that create content about safemoon for a year and clearly didn't understand Safemoonom.

  22. Why would papa make a negative statement against John? As though implying he doesn't trust him hence why he left the safemoon team?

  23. Apreciando a una mujer tan hermosa. 2:4 sentadillas son unos SEXBABY.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. 5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world losl mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

  24. I'm done sitting tight for the award advance since i acquire $23,000 every 12days of my investment

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