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Hey and welcome everybody back to this price update and technical analysis and price prediction of jasme the last couple of days were pretty rough for Jasmine because of the binance news but not the best thing that we can do is identify new levels what are the most important levels where we expect a

Strong reaction and that’s pretty much what we also did in the last video we identified a very strong support down here we added it in the last video as you can see right here um this support level and why now what can we see this right now acted as a perfect

Resistance now we also had a look at this diagonal support which is not really important it seems like we didn’t get any reaction there at all so what I will do now as I will delete this because this had no reaction whatsoever so there’s not really any significance but you can

Clearly see this horizontal level at around 0054 is a very important Sr flip right we had resistance resistance support here support again support again support again and guess what support again right now so you can clearly see very simple horizontal Sr flip very great to see so far this is actually looking very

Nice for the last 24 hours well actually for today we are up four percent which is great to see for the last 24 hours I still we are still down like 10 a coin market cap is always calculating for the last 24 hours and trading views always

Calculating uh from the daily open right so from daily open we are actually up four percent one of the top performers for uh today which is great to see and as I said it is now very very good to see that we do have this reaction and

I want you to look at this how perfectly we determine this support um I mean I hope everybody paid attention in the last video um but now the next thing is of course that we really stay above this level because this might not be the end yet right especially because Bitcoin not dropping

Below a key level um actually broke out of this triangle to the downside so if Bitcoin now is going down further pay attention to that right then that will also obviously have a massive impact on jasmi but for now this is actually looking really nice on Jasmine

And the next thing that I will pay attention to is do we cross the EMA ribbon yet again to the upside now I want you to pay attention to this phase back here EMA Ruben acting as a resistance then here not really finding support on it until we then here finally get back

Above them then bounce from the 20ma-20ma20ma always higher and that is then the next thing that I will pay attention to as soon as we get above the EMA ribbon that’s going to be the moment where I open another trade on Jasmine I will of course update you on this

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Level the next thing is that we want to get a bullish Market structure now how does that look like we just want to make a higher highs and higher lows kind of like we can see here right we made a new high we broke this right here

To the upside move up higher new High new low new high low and then on top of that also get above the EMA ribbon so let me quickly summarize we want to stay above the support we’re gonna we want to get above the four hourly EMA ribbon and

Break the market structure we want to make higher highs and higher lows now we might already have a new high right here but for this we still need to make a higher low right and then we can make a new high because so far this high was broken right here

And then the next thing would be that we get above this High to confirm this new higher low that would be really important to really get a shift in Market structure now on the RSI we can actually see a bullish Divergence we can clearly see on the RSI we can see we

Made a higher low while on the price we made a lower low so that is indicating that the momentum to the downside is gone bullish Divergence prices indicating lower low but on the RSI higher low let us go to C especially when approaching a big support like that

Now the next thing is that we get above the one hour EMA equivalent and then we can use this momentum to get above the four hour EMA ribbon that is still definitely the next thing that I would pay attention to I think overall there’s not too much to say other than that

Um remain patient wait for the the shift of Market structure right now jasmi um definitely pretty dangerous with binance what what they have done and announced volume still pretty high 200 million this is quite a lot of volume down 13 market cap 292 million you can see the volume is

Almost equal to the market cap this is crazy this is really really crazy this barely ever happens so a lot of people are trading it which is I think quite natural after such a big drop to the downside a pretty big panic sell-off and for now we gotta wait for Clear levels

To form or big resistances to cross and yeah maybe for binance Also to clarify a few things about their announcement maybe Jasmine to make some improvements so finally they get out of the Innovations on again because even though it sounds positive it’s actually pretty negative and it’s one step away just from a

Delisting of binance and that would pretty much be the end for the chart so we definitely still have to see some improvements from Jr Smith’s side but so far from the technicals uh pretty much perfect as our flip really great support so far we now want to hold this

Pay attention to what Bitcoin is doing that’s it for this update guys uh yeah if you want to create check out Maxi also join the Discord amazing Community a lot of great information shared over there so see you in the next video goodbye

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