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What are the next price targets for jazz B hey what’s up guys welcome back to another video on the channel in this one I’m gonna be showing you some price targets which I have for Jasmine for the immediate short term by the way guys if this is your first time on the channel

Make sure guys drop a like on this video and also subscribe if you are new because that will be really really appreciated anyways with that being said let’s jump back into the video and let me show you all the things which I’m talking about if you want to make some

Serious money with crypto my trade signal group is the best place for you to be right over here you can see the monthly recap for the month of April and this includes all the profits which we had taken and which we had achieved in the month of April right over here you

Can see we took 12 trades in total and our average win percentage was really really high at about a hundred percent in here you can see we secure profits of about 189 percent 303 percent 182 percent 237 percent and the list go goes on and on if you want to make similar

Profits for yourself make sure you guys check out the link to my trade signal group it will be down in the description and sign up as soon as possible so guys right over here I have the charts loaded up for jasme and for those of you who

Are new to the channel I just want to explain that I personally believe this price point right over here was the bear Market low for jazzme now this came in at a price of about 0.0027 and after we reach this price level we started forming this massive elliott-based structure which includes

Five waves towards the upside we pumped up in our wave number one we came down in a wave number two and right now we are in this wave number three now guys as you can see that we were forming some pretty interesting pattern right over here right over here you can see we

Pumped up in our wave number one we came down the wave number two we pumped up in a wave number three however guys the fall which we are getting in this fourth wave is really huge and this is because of some bearish news which we got uh got

To hear from binance themselves and basically they were putting Jasmine in The Innovation zone now a lot of Traders thought that basically binance is going to be delisting jasmi and that is why we got this immediate seller of pressure right over here now the most important support and resistance areas for jasmi

Are located around these two black blue lines right over here so the resistance level to break is located on the price of about 0.0083 this is also the wave one high now the support level for jasmi to hold is this blue line right over here at a price of about

0.0043 as you can see this is also the Wave 2 Target also the Wave 2 bottom and even though we managed to come near this blue line uh as soon as we came close to it you can see that we nearly pumped up towards the upside and we have never

Really fallen down below to these levels once again now I personally believe this is a really good news for all the short-term investors out there because this basically tells us that basically Jasmine is is not really falling into another beer market low but instead this is just a correction which we are facing

Because of some market news which is pretty likely that we should be getting these news more often because as you already know this is a high risk altcoin and even the smallest amount of news can affect these markets really really much now guys if I show you all the macd and

RSI indicators you will be glad to see that the selling pressure is getting weaker and weaker every single day now guys in my past couple of videos I have mentioning as well but I personally believe that this selling pressure was really too huge and right now as you can

See the selling pressure is declining every single day the RSI is also bumping up we were about to have a bullish crossover right over here but as you can see the selling pressure still continues and that was a major reason why we did not see both of these uh marks on the

RSI Crossing each other right over here as you can see the lowest time or say the last time that jasmi reached RSI levels of let’s say about this level right over here was at the starting of wave number one now this is the major reason why I personally believe you

Should be expecting another move towards the upside now if we take in that you know basically how much of a move this was you can see this was above the 200 percent pump towards the upside so if we take that price Target from right over here and we basically uh keep the target

As about 200 percent you will be able to see that the likely Target for jasmi is located around a price of about 0.014 or about 0.015 this is the most likely Target jasmi should be reaching in the immediate short term and as you can see we got quite some resistance light uh

Right over here in the previous times as well so this is the most likely Target Jazz we should be reaching in the coming few months or say in the coming few weeks by the way guys if you want to make some serious money with crypto make sure guys check out my trade signal

Group the link to bit will be down in the description now guys before I show you all the results which we have been able to achieve in my trade signal group I just want to tell you that I have decided to limit the amount of members

Who can join my trade signal group so right now only I believe three spots are remaining so if you want to be one of them make sure guys drop a like on this video as soon as possible and also follow the link in the description and join up as soon as possible

Now let me tell you why I have decided to limit the members and basically why a lot of people are joining as well so guys right over here we are inside my trade signal group and let me show you some of the results which we have been

Able to achieve in the past couple of days right over here you can see we uh recently or say just yesterday we secured profits of about 356 percent on just one single trade we even secured some already profits on some of the trades right over here you can see

Profits of 129 percent profits of 117 percent and if I scroll above you will be able to see that we have been locking profits left and right recently we even closed this trade which got us a profit of about 1500 percent on just one single trade now this is absolutely amazing

Because let’s say you are invested about a hundred dollars into the project or say you had invested about hundred dollars into this trade you would have made about fifteen hundred dollars with your 100 which is a huge amount of money considering the amount which you guys had invested now I personally believe

That we are going to be maintaining this type of profit levels in my trade signal group and that is the major reason why I’ve decided to limit the amount of members and only those who are seriously invested into the crypto space and want to make some serious money with the

Crypto space should even join my group in the first place right over here you can see as you can see another profits profits of 385 percent profits of 268 percent and the list goes on and on and on and on and on apart from the trade signals I also post technical analysis

Various business opportunities my personal portfolio and there’s also a chat option where you can chat with like-minded people who are seriously invested into the crypto space and want to make some serious money within the crypto space as well because guys if you’re gonna be surrounded by people who

Are making money I assure you you are also going to be making money in the longer run and that is a major reason why I even started my trade signal group in the first place and my trade signal group is a place where we make profits

And if you guys want to be one of them make sure guys hurry up and secure your spot in my Trade Center a group because only three members or say three spots are remaining and yeah guys that’s gonna be pretty much it from this video I hope

You guys enjoyed and if you did make sure you guys drop a like on this video subscribe to my channel if you are new and as always I’ll catch you all tomorrow with another video peace out


TRADE SIGNAL GROUP- https://www.patreon.com/user?u=87982974

BUSINESS EMAIL- aryan.nvmedia@gmail.com


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Investing and trading in cryptocurrencies is very risky, as anything can happen at any time.

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