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JennyCo – Constellation Network – Hypergraph Hour 42

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Thank you to the team at Constellation Network for hosting our very first Hypergraph Hour presentation! Please like this video and subscribe to our channel for more related content!

During the call we focus on several topics:
0:00 – Welcome to Hypergraph Hour!
1:47 – Jenny Diggles & Michael Nova Introductions
3:13 – Data Is The New Oil
5:08 – What Problems Are There Currently?
9:10 – How Will JennyCo Solve These Problems?
12:37 – Market Potential
14:27 – The JennyCo Exchange (Buyers/Sellers)
16:10 – Revenue Models – Data Purchase Fees & Products/Service Sales/Upcoming NFTs
22:08 – Tokenomics
25:22 – Go-To Market Roadmap
28:46 – Team
30:29 – Advisors & Concluding Thoughts

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  1. Jennyco is bringing real utility to all people to have the right to monetize and own their health care data. Never before has something like this been possible, only because of $dag's Hypergraph network can such a network scale. $JCO is a sleeping giant.

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