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Jet-Bot for Binance: the best crypto copy trading platform to earn money online safely!
Join as a trader – allow others to copy you
Use all advantages of Jet-Bot referral program
Crease trading pools and allow other to join on a profit-share basis model
Use unique Jet-Bot platform trading instruments to trade more efficiently and profitable
Create TOP bots and allow users to follow them on monthly subscription basis
Use advantages of Binance Broker features
Join as a marketing or affiliate partner
Use all advantages of Jet-Bot referral program
up to 50% referral fees from users payments are allocated for referral program
life-time payments: earn from your users as long as they are using Jet-Bot
Charge users from 10% to 30% profit which they made with you

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00:00 Jet-Bot & GT-protocol introduction
00:13 How I earned $3,400 on crypto copy trading bot
00:29 How it works?
00:58 Reviews
01:22 Jet-Bot is an official partner of Binance
03:23 list of TOP traders
04:00 Connect Exchange
04:28 Telegram notifications.
05:20 Prepaid Plans
06:31 GT-Protocol
06:50 AirDrop

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