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Jihoz Talks Land Gameplay V2, Season 19 and MORE! – Axie Infinity

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Hello and welcome to Jihoz Talks Land Gameplay V2, Season 19 and MORE! – Axie Infinity

Jihoz the co-founder of Axie Infinity has recently done an interview where he went over plenty of upcoming plans for the future of Axie Infinity. Jihoz talked about Land Gameplay, Battle V2, Season 19 and much much more! Come get a recap with Axie King today! – Follow all my socials for updates!


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  1. I think we should put additional playing feature for the players and more advertising to make this game to be in a worldwide no. 01 game..

  2. Turn off the volume, keep the sound effects on and listen to only best lofi beats from all around the world, live-streaming 24/7. 😎

  3. More than a million people now are playing axie infinity,
    Majority of it are from Philippines, but only as scholars 😔
    But somehow, thanks to the creators, it helped a lot of my fellow Filipinos during this hard times.
    I just started a week ago, i was hesitant to buy the $1500 axie team. So I just bought the $1000 worth of axie and now regretting it. My advice, if you can afford to buy around $1.5k to $2k, go for it. And make sure it's all virgins 🙄 my rookie mistake.

  4. Sky Mavis will drop and ban you from their servers if you have views on the game that dont align with theirs.

  5. floor axie good cards review🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who cant afford expenssive axies.. if already please link. thanks!

  6. Though staking is coming Q3 this year, ie by the end of this month – not next year. See road map

  7. why not look closely into the issue of critical strike chance? I already got sick of getting critted by plants and aqua all the time!!

  8. more Filipino's will be given an opportunity and now it's starting in India and Brazil❤️

  9. Biggest scam for crypto games. Anyone who thinks this game is good is brain dead brain washed thinking makin money! soon this game be nothing but big money for developers while players get screwed with nerfs and other bs scams in this game

  10. Since he mentioned smth abt nerfing units in the upcoming season, would u still recommend that I buy the meta comps if I wanna get into it now?

  11. That's cool sir if the Axie enters a tournament worldwide , It will attracts more professional players and big investors … ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎈🎈🎈🎈

  12. Good day, Watching here from Philippines San Carlos City Negros Occidental. I hope you choose as one of your raffle win. have a nice day again 😊

  13. Axie Infinity helps a lot of people in this pandemic specially here in Philippines.

    I am excited for the future of Axie Infinity going long term!

  14. Lodi I'm one of your avid fan and I'm not skipping your adds.hopefully I'm one the lucky scholar.

  15. Hi, looking for Axie scholarship here… ready to play hard grinding here!!! pls. message me thru fb messenger, Nj Azanza.

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