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What is up! I’m J, and this is Just A JPEG. The show that focuses on the emerging industry and technologies that is NFTs. Today in our first episode, I’m very happy to be joined by the man known as TrueVoodoo, co-founder of the NFT incubator Potluck Labs. Since getting involved with NFTs in 2021, I’ve had the privilege of having some of the most amazing conversations with people from all over the world who are shaping this technology. I’m bringing those conversations to Just A JPEG. Enjoy the show!

TrueVoodoo | @_truevoodoo
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00:00 Show Start
00:32 Introduction: Just A JPEG
1:25 Mint R View
11:08 How did this NFT journey begin for TruVoodoo?
16:38 NFT Launchpad vs. NFT Incubator – Explaining Potluck Labs
19:32 Partnering with wide RANGE of artists
23:18 How many chains are you launched on?
29:15 What is unique about Hedera NFTs & Shimmer NFTs?
33:55 Mistakes made by NFT Collectors + Chain Maxi’s
36:20 What’s next for Potluck Labs & NFT incubations in BEAR market
47:55 What chains are AWESOME but under the radar?
51:20 Closing thoughts

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  1. I don't subscribe to many NFT channels – most of them are just shills to boost the value of bags held by paid influencers. But in this case I'll make an exception: TrueVoodoo of PotLuck Labs is genuinely passionate about NFTs and Web3, and I've never regretted taking his advice. Definitely one to watch!

  2. Great interview. Love the energy around NFTs even in this bear market. Potluck and TrueVoodoo are legends and continue to keep the community active and bring value to everything they touch.

  3. Great first video and excellent interview with TrueVoodoo. My experience with Potluck Labs has been positive from a collector standpoint. The team behind Potluck has continued to expand into other chains/markets as opportunities arise, and adjust course as may be required, which to me demonstrates the type of commitment to the space i am looking for while at the same time demonstrating a certain level of flexibility to adapt to an ever evolving space. Bear markets are tough times but Potluck has demonstrated strength in this environment, another bullish indicator IMO. Thanks for the interview, looking forward to more!

  4. Hell yeah potluck labs! The greatest of them all! This man is amazing! He’s doing great things for the web 3 communities. A master of all chains!

  5. Absolutely…. 🔥🔥🔥 Builders like Potluck labs showing the pretenders how to do it…..
    I'm a collector and will continually be a collector… ❤️🔥

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