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The Brainstorm Panel : A Web3 Educational and Onboarding Experience

A Research Notes, Quotes, Breakdowns and Introductions Blog written by Tokin Trip. Exploring the blockchain, nfts, cryptocurrency, metaverses, passive and active income structures, how smart contracts can adapt blockchain to business, and how to monetize your time and effort.

Tap in today and make sure you get a Brainstorm Panel NFT, they’re only 25$ and give you a lifetime subscription to my content. It is not required to come learn, anyone can and I have public articles up and available and there to showcase some information, ideas, and learning to get you started. If you like the content and want to help support my efforts in what I’m doing please make sure to buy The Brainstorm Panel Genesis Access Pass

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The Blockchain gives us all the opportunity to Change the way the world works today, right now major corporations own your data and tie it to all kinds of things like race, gender, size, age range, medical and physical identifiers and classifications and all kinds of stuff, the blockchain allows for all of that data instead of being attached to you with your identifying features, it’s attached to your blockchain wallet, that’s a single account that attaches to all websites and all things and gives you the ability to “connect” with your inventory to different websites, games, applications and across all platforms have the same tied in account without that data being triggered or tied to your personal identifiers. This is important to end alot of the problems we have in the world today because they won’t be able to target you so easily with different targeted strategic posts that are meant to sway u one direction or another, it takes away part of their control get on board and get your data back! #TheBrainstormPanel


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