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Kadena: The Next Trade Is Here

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Kadena: The Next Trade Is Here – Crypto Technical Analysis and Price Prediction
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0:00 Intro

0:32 Reversion To The Mean
2:29 Head & Shoulders
5:14 Oscillators
10:27 Volume Profiles

12:01 Facts
14:22 The Next Trade
14:56 Final KDA Thoughts

16:14 Stock Market
16:54 Bitcoin

17:45 Outro


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  1. Check out the links in the description for invites to my Discord, Social Media, and Official Merch! 🤠

  2. Love the Kadena content and other general market info, like that you only provide updates if there is new relevant information.

  3. Where do you trade Kadena? I don't trust any platforms at the moment but am just in the process of adding some funds to Binance.

  4. Just got in at 1.05 on my first ever short, hope it's not too late haha. Good way to learn through, really appreciate these vids.

  5. Professor cowboy never disappoints. I did jump in at 1.10. I jumped the gun a lil bit. I still need to work on being patient. 😅

  6. Nailed it!! Went in at 5x because I wasn’t betting a lot and understand the risk. Very happy following your trades. Please keep updating them on YouTube since I don’t do discord or Twitter.

  7. Gala must wrecking ppl lol I bought some at. 002 now looking likely to go Lower but how low

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