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Kadena's Next Move

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Kadena’s Next Move – Crypto Technical Analysis and Price Prediction
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0:00 Intro

0:28 Where We Left Off
0:54 Reversion To The Mean
1:44 Volume Profiles
2:42 Oscillators

6:44 Next Trade pt.1

8:19 Misc
10:41 Heikin-Ashi
11:16 Macro Price Targets

14:46 Next Trade p2.2

15:02 Alternative Trade???
15:18 Economic Data
16:07 Stock Market Charts
16:20 Summary

18:19 Outro


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  1. Check out the links in the description for invites to my Discord, Social Media, and Official Merch! 🤠

  2. Hey, coming back to say I took that “only trade from a position of strength” wisdom, because I was tempted to not listen to what you said, not thinking KDA would touch 1.11 again and just get rejected, I figured it break out, but I just took “the trend is your friend” and took a good short out, only up 10% but man… this is the most help I’ve ever got from any YouTuber with simple and easy to understand technical analysis.. thanks so much man, probably will be in the discord soon

  3. Which platform do you use to short this? I'm very worried about leaving any money on any exchange at the moment…

  4. Hello Cowboy! I always appreciate your TA. Which price range will you accumulate Kadena? Thank you for reading

  5. I am not taking any risk right now, I am just sitting on side from 16$ kda, it's been a year, but it feels good seeing your wealth not get red.

  6. I didnt chase matic and it was the biggest mistake in my life, I could buy it at 0.05 but I didnt.
    Be free and chase now because maybe you will never see Kadena at 0.68usd.
    I was buying from 6 usd to 0.87usd. No problem for me if I will start selling at 37-45usd range.
    Never wait for the bottom, real traders never wait for the bottom or for the top😎👋
    P. S if Kadena goes to 0.68 I will buy more 5000kda if it goes to 0.40 I will buy more 10 000kda and if Kadena will go to 0.20 I will buy more 25000kda.
    Patience+strategy =SUCCESS IN CRYPTO✌️
    7 years in crypto😁😁😁

  7. do you think kda will survive this bear market? and come out a known project? awseome t.a btw where did you go to school for trading? thanks

  8. @cowboy is a 2.8x trade and another 2.8x trade still not just 2.8x ?

    Love the videos and love your content – keep it up 🙏

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