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#kaspa and #nexa pumping 50% in 1 day!, kaspa is up 100% in a week, time to start mining again?

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In this video I talk about the prices of #kaspa and #nexa, along with some #zil and compare them to the prices of #bitcoin and #ethereum and compare their movement over the last 90 days, spoiler alert, its not even close! I also check out what the power cutoff line for profitability is, and if its worth it for people who have been turned off around the 20cent range to start mining again! This video contains alot of excitement and hopeium, so sit back and enjoy!

my discord https://discord.gg/3kH5ENkkFH

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Any money from this will be put right back into the channel to buy equipment to make guides and tutorials
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  1. What miner in hiveos you use for kaspa + zil or nexa + zil for that matter ? Thanks!

  2. Have been mining only kaspan since mid November because it was so dumb efficient. Now efficiency is out the window, near 2000 core on my gpus. Haven't sold any hodling. What is the % loss on Kas with dual mining and how significant is the power increase?

  3. hitting my head to the walls i have been mining purely Ergo and flux since merge. I should have just mined Kaspa.

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