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Kaspa Hashrate Give Away, Ledger Wallet has scalability Problems, Bzminer 12.1.1 Zil mining

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Contest rules:
1. Join Discord Channel – https://discord.gg/RAA9J6hB
2. Post link or Screenshot of shared video or channel with your wallet address
3. Hit notification bell on this channel

Radiant/Kaspa effeciency Overclock chart – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xQYYi9kSUm5G5XBBmTG25ptSumQKenpVOH5xn53gpXg/edit?usp=sharing

As a blockchain enthusiast, I began my journey into cryptocurrency towards the end of 2013. My first miner was an Antminer S9 that is still running today. At the end of 2020 I began GPU mining and was immediately hooked. After watching a movie called “Zeitgeist” around 2009 I became infatuated with the monetary system and the untold truth of how our government operates. Many years of seeking knowledge to further my understanding of how to get out of the “machine” has lead me to where I am today with hopes of teaching others what I have learned.
The best form of contact is our email address – minesum10info@gmail.com
Our Social Media Links:
Twitter – @MineSum10
Facebook – https://www.instagram.com/minesum10/
Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/user/MineSum10


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  1. i've been mining kaspa and converting crap coins to DFI. money since it was around 400-1000.. now over 2500..

  2. Awesome bro! Let’s talk about some ledger soon. I don’t like ledger nano so any alternatives will be great

  3. Can't believe you're not monetized yet, I thought it was supposed to start at 1k subs? Anyway keep up the great work, will click on a few extra vids to help out with your total watch time.

  4. 16:08 its not a bug its just how hive operates it will just reapply the changes from the oc window so if you change the fan settings all you got to do is hit the digger and restart miner. bzminer is considering a fix for this ill send you bzminer comment link in your discord server

  5. Thanks for this video, can you write best settings for 3070 LHR and 3060 Ti LHR?? and what about AMD cards for example 6600XT and 5700 XT??
    thansk again

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