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What’s going on fellas uh hope you’re all watching Scooby-Doo you know what I mean figuring out who get a clue and you know you got to figure it out mate that makes no sense dude how about you subscribe and like I am here we’re gonna talk about Casper dude

Because you know I know Keda I got the tech and blah blah blah but this has some momentum man I mean more coins are oh the max Supply it’s not looking horrible dude this and look at look at for the year right let’s just look for the year

That’s pretty good right that’s a good chart that really is a good chart how about all time wow that’s a pretty good chart and you know what the really crazy thing is this hasn’t been in a bull run you know this coin the so just think of

This guys number one this has hype proof of work right proof of work mindable store value so it’s like Keda 2.0 whatever you want to call it dude all right it’s just like Keda but this thing actually is moving and it has not been through a bull run yet

Just imagine what it could do in a bull run I mean it’s basically at its all-time high right now man this coin could just everyone’s talking about like Cadena being the Solana maybe Casp is the real play here man and massively bullish my friends the community is growing every day excellent

Sign yup I was just gonna point that out to you guys um yeah could uh catapult into the top 100 list of cryptocurrencies and get this it would reach price of point two cents we could potentially flip Litecoin this summer well it’s not gonna handle ourselves let’s not get ahead of

Ourselves pay the price the next Bull Run see that’s what I’m trying to say like it hasn’t even been in the Bull Run Kate is a pump and dump casts so much I don’t know what that guy’s trying to say I don’t know man when you get hype and

like I’m not kidding when you get hype oh there’s a moon beam there’s my other coin so all right so caspy gonna be on my list like I was also saying look at this March 10 our community keeps growing man 30.5 Twitter followers 15K Discord members 13.5 telegram members 2.9 Reddit members

And you know them Reddit members are crazy bro this coin is starting to grow people are starting to talk about it sometimes crypto is about to hype this also has Tech behind it man with the Ghost Dog protocol and all that definitely want to take a look at this

Um you know early March uh secure listing on gate IO this coin needs to get it listed on more exchanges but man I’m trying to say like this might be a good play because this hasn’t even touched a bull run yet um look at this I mean we got a cat

That’s I mean I already happened but I’m just saying you get a cat in the picture baby is that it the Casper block that yeah I mean there’s a lot to like about this and uh new listing and that was uh March 15th so another place is getting listed

So it’s starting to get listed on places you know what I mean you know what I mean it’s a good coin and egg it really has a lot of potential you know like I said the Ghost Dog protocol unlike traditional blockchains ghost dog does not orphan blocks created in

Parallel rather allows them to coexist and order them in uh consensus the Casper blockchain is actually a blocked AG this generally nah Nakamoto census allows for a secure operation while maintaining very high block rates currently one block per second aiming for 10 uh second dreaming of 100 seconds

All I know man is this a good coin it’s it’s gaining traction right gaining traction man and um I’m not like the guy that’s like which one’s better container or Casper but this is newer I’m not saying the team’s better I know a Canadians got a great team but they’re

Not working like they are but they’re not I don’t know this coin intrigues me right so and just number one it’s also trending on coinbase right now like number 15 so people are looking at this now they’re like wow what is this coin so I’m just throwing it out there boys I

Think uh I honestly think this coin is still pretty cheap at like a 200 million market cap you could see this thing fly you really could so you know I mean I always do your own research and all that fun stuff but uh yeah I mean

I was gonna like be against it or whatever like before but this coin actually is doing a lot of good things so I would uh I would just keep an eye out and maybe do some research and figure out maybe if it’s the one for you but I

Think this thing has not touched a bull run and I showed you the graph it looks great imaginable on how this thing would perform all right subscribe like guys I’ll see you on the next video

Kaspa is getting bigger and bigger and its a Store of Value and POW like say Kadena but maybe it’s better?. The chart looks really good for Kaspa and its never been in a bullrun before and the hype is getting bigger. This could do some real damage in a bullrun maybe like a Solana type run. It has a strong community, it has real use case and it looks like a great project. Maybe I am super wrong but when I get a gut feeling well most of the time i am right. I might now make the right move but its usually correct, my gut feeling. Project is still very early too so imagine when they add more and more to their ecosystem.
Remember this is only my opinion, this is never Finacial Advice, Always do your own research on coins you want to invest in and if you got anything from this video than please hit the SUBSCIBE button and the LIKE too. Thank you!!!


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