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Kaspa Solves The Crypto Trilemma

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Welcome back to the Casper silver YouTube channel in today’s video we’re going to be talking about how Casper solves the crypto trilemma which has been plagued on crypto that if you have two issues in crypto which you want to tackle security and scalability then you have to sacrifice decentralization so

Whichever triangle side of the triangle you pick you typically would have to sacrifice one of the three issues security scalability or decentralization but Casper has come along and decided to completely solve this by using its new Innovative technology that I don’t understand why people are not at least respecting the fact

That Casper’s here being one of the first to do this and actually remain decentralized and keeping core to bitcoin fundamentals recently taking a look at the price here we could see that Caspa has had a huge sell-off and this is due to the Asic drama that has been going on that people

Think that A6 is gonna kill Casper’s price and anyone who thinks that it’s going to kill Casper’s prices simply has just not done their due diligence in researching Caspa and learning that Asics has always been part of the plan Asics we need Asics to actually increase security

Make sure that the network can actually be sustainable as we are trying to achieve adoption on the scale of being able to handle thousands and transactions per second which has been unseen in a proof of work crypto until Casper so I like to put some perspective here

And show the previous all-time high to all-time low you can see that it was a 56 crash took about 33 days and it took 92 days back here took 92 days to actually recover from that drop so if we look at this new all-time high to all-time low here we could see that

92 days is still a little bit far off before we may see a recover but not only that we’ve currently crashed instead of 56 we’ve crashed about 72 percent right now and right now we’re in this perfect buying Channel which a lot of people have been waiting for this

Is the accumulation Zone where we had a lot more consolidation in this area and this was a lot less hype than this right here this was just straight green candles for weeks on end and days on end and ultimately uh usually in charts you know these green

Candles get refilled by red candles and so we’re basically refilled every single green candle um candle as we should in a correction and now we’re going back to where the price Discovery is being found to find a new floor and a new bottom can Casper go lower definitely it could go lower

There’s a lot of macro environment effects that can actually affect the price of Casper because it would affect the price of Bitcoin Bitcoin is core gonna be is Bitcoin is the core thing that’s going to be holding Casper’s price from going way lower than what a lot of

People are anticipating the one cent area is highly anticipated many people want it to go even under one cent until the .009 area to me it doesn’t matter I’m dollar cost averaging and buying every single week once every single week and I think that spreads out my Buys so that I’m not

Fomoing in and buying a crazing amount at these areas while it could still go lower dollar cost averaging in is probably the best way when you are believing in a crypto project and you want to hold it long term then just dollar cost averages there’s no reason

To put all your money in or fomo in don’t do what I did iPhone moved in to Casper that’s mainly because I was holding other things that I honestly did not like and I just I wanted to re-diversify my portfolio in crypto to Simply Bitcoin and Casper so I moved a

Lot of it into Casper out of all these different price ranges over here when instead I showed a dollar cost average in I could I should have kept it in a stable coin and been more smart about it but we all learn our lessons and ultimately on this YouTube channel I’ve

Never been calling for Casper to go to uh a dollar tomorrow or you’re going to be a millionaire tomorrow or you’re going to be a millionaire ever ever on this channel I’m keeping it real and I’m trying to save my viewers from fomoing in guys don’t fomo in

If anything if you want to fomo in this is when you fomo in when it’s dropping now okay fomo but when it’s going up sit back relax don’t look at the price just keep a strategy of dollar cost averaging in and keep yourself safe don’t be putting more money than you’re willing

To lose guys have a long-term mindset A6 was always part of the plan and I’m pretty sure we’re going to recover eventually and either way we’re still not in the full-fledged bull market so to think that uh this can’t be higher than what it got to

Um you know we’re still up like six thousand percent uh from inception so that’s absolutely insane we did that all in the bear market so just remember to keep a long-term perspective so let’s go into this uh trilelama issue so the problem so cryptocurrencies have been promised to be the future of money

Providing a decentralized and secure means of transferring value however the blockchain trilemma a widely held hypothesis in the crypto Community suggests that a cryptocurrency can only Excel at two of the following Three core benefits so over here we get into the three benefits which I talked about in the

Beginning of the video which is this triangle right here the scalability trilemma so first off when it comes to security Caspa security is based on the Nakamoto consensus which uses the longest chain rule as its core protocol Casper has extended this rule to create a block dag that references All Mine

Blocks within the structure and this is really important we take a look over here this is bitcoin’s blocks and as you could see in a blockchain you simply have a block that is made or is mined and then 10 minutes later a new block forms and this just keeps going forward

And forward each box has transactions miners are confirming transactions in each block and it takes about 10 minutes for these blocks to be created Caswell on the other hand has made a block dag which is not a blockchain this is why it’s Innovation this is new technology not seen before and as you

Could see instead of one block being on the chain and going in a straight path we have multiple blocks going in the chain here and we do not orphan any blocks every single block is used which is good and actually is more efficient than Bitcoin because Bitcoin orphan

Blocks instead the block tag uses every single block and it uses the longest chain the same kind of way and this allows for one block per second and transaction confirmation times at about 10 seconds at most currently we’re going through an upgrade a rust upgrade which will actually

Increase the blocks per second to up to 32 blocks even up to 100 blocks per second and even increase our transactions to up to thousands of transactions per second it’s pretty insane what caspas here trying to do and what they actually have already solved and we are seeing it in action right now

Decentralization Casper’s decision making process is Community Driven with no company or individual controlling the network and no private allocations or pre-mine this is core to any cryptocurrency that wants to actually compete in the proof of work area if your proof of State coin you’re already pretty much not going to

Be able to compete with Bitcoin proof of stake makes a rich get richer system as you have to have more coins to be able to stake and then not only that it’s usually really expensive for example like ethereum you need 32 eth to run a node which the node is able to confirm

Transactions and since most people don’t have 32 ethereum lying around you have to trust all these major companies to run nodes for you which these companies can easily be shut down by the government whenever they please if there was a scenario like that not only that ethereum is clearly a security and

They’re just a software company trying to get around get around security laws and be able to fund themselves by dumping on investors because the founder and they have allocations that go out to VCS and just pre pre-allocated coins that go out to people that then later

They dump on you when they get released this is very prominent in the crypto space if you look at probably any of the top 10 cryptos aside from like Bitcoin and Dogecoin all the other cryptos are funded by Venture capitalists and other people you could see that in this

Picture over here with ethereum you see what public sale is the blue you have the public still here but then 15 went to insiders and five percent went to the foundation and more that five percent is how they fund themselves to be able to create more technology on ethereum and

Whatnot binance is a legit a 50 50 split from insiders and the public sale and you can go on polka dot cardano Solana Solano is a huge one and if you look at Solana’s price I mean it was heavily inflated went all the way up to like I

Think it was like a 90 billion market cap during the bull run and that’s because there was tons of VCS insiders that had Solana at a very very cheap price and they were not allowed to sell because usually when these coins make these allocations they’re not allowed to

Sell these coins until a certain period so what they do is they they hold on to them and then when they’re allowed to sell they don’t dump right away but they probably pump up the price even a little bit more so that they can sell at the

Top and then laugh at all the exit liquidity realtail investors this will never happen with Casper because Casper took the hard route at following Bitcoin fundamentals which is key to actually competing in a proof of work system Network you need to follow Bitcoin fundamentals if you’re not following

That then you don’t have a chance but Casper is here actually doing that the network is propagated by proof of work which benefits solo Miners and local nodes with low variance or low Roi base entry and single second block speeds soon less with wrestling rewrite this encourages a

Distributed network of nodes and hash rate instead of a power consolidation within a few mining pools since Casper is so fast it encourages people to run solo nodes instead of relying on mining pools or other centralized ways of mining Casper people can mine it themselves all alone in their own house

And it increases decentralization lastly we have scalability Cop caspa’s Block tag allows for high block rates in virtually instant transaction finality up to limits of Internet latency soon adoptable with dag Knight dag Knight is a future protocol that’s coming after ghost dag dag Knight is going to increase our speeds and

Transactions to a point where it has not been seen before in proof of work with single second blocks Casper is currently the fastest proof of work cryptocurrency furthermore it is estimated to operate at 32 blocks per second with the upcoming rust rewrite this will make it the fastest decentralized Network to

Date the end result Casper’s approach to the trailama is not only only promising but it’s also been tested proven and operational since the mainland launch and literally it is tested and proven I buy Casper I’ve sent Casper and it’s the fastest proof of work that has ever been

Built or created while other established blockchain projects have also made significant strides toward achieving all three core benefits Casper’s unique architecture has generally solved the trilemma in doing so instead of branding the project complete Casper is doubling its efforts to strengthen its approach as the world moves towards decentralized finance and blockchain based

Applications solving the trailer most crucial for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies Casper is ready for adoption now and guaranteeing its utilization in the future so if you have not studied on Casper you could clearly see that Casper’s here making history in the cryptocurrency space you can also go to

The Casper Wiki where you can learn a whole lot more about Casper and read into the different white papers that were made like the Phantom goldstag and the future dag Knight which is going to be coming which is going to increase caspa’s ability and efficiency to levels we’ve never seen before

Casper’s here trying to be a digital silver in the space Bitcoin is the digital gold it’s forcing people to hold on to it long term but Casper’s trying to be a digital silver that’s more liquid a lot more faster and actually being able to use as a spending for daily transactions

So if you guys are new around here please consider liking and subscribing to this channel I hope you guys did enjoy this video and as always don’t be average be different

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Disclaimer: Remember I am not a financial adviosr and everything I say on here should not be taken as professional investing advice. Please always do your own research! I am just like you learning and taking a risk when investing and talking about kaspa. My youtube performace does not reflect my reliability of my information being accurate or perfect. I hope you enjoy and never invest what you are not willing to lose.

Jesus Saves! God Bless.

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