KRAKEN TItan gets 1.2 Miillion HP! War Robots 8.4 Update Gameplay WR

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War Robots 8.4 Update Gameplay: KRAKEN Indra Titan 1.2 Million HP WR
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  1. The HP Pools allows such ridiculous Spawn Camping – It's nuts! 🙂
    Ps.: Get Ready for the Giveaway (200x Mars!)

  2. ridiculous. nothing can kill this. what was the reason to nerf the other titans? its fine that this is meta but why not make it competitive versus making this the bot killer of all bot killers and taking out all other titans by nerfing them? everything is about money to pixo instead of a good fun product.

  3. Manni said the kraken indra have a million hp the luchador and nodens cheers to that bro. 😆 🤣 😂. Keep up the great work Manni.

  4. Unbalanced players will reduce players to the big spenders. I suppose that is what it’s all about unfortunately

  5. Game is FUBAR of late. Players with Diamond level and lower have 5 hangers, mk level . How can the be so low with maxed out bots and weps? Ranking should be revised from Private to General and based upon the total power of their bots & weps. Well, that will never happen like starting the game when all sides are full vs their count down clock to start game when sides are unbalanced. But, as Manni is a paid shill for Pixonic it won’t change

  6. I'm about to quit war robots. I've been playing Wr for 6 Years and the gameplay is worse than ever. I'm tired of facing champion league players when I'm in master league 3. Master league should only compete with master league . How is the match fair when champion players dominate the match ? 🤔 the drones ruin the game. Titan even more. I remember the old days where skill and strategy was the key factor in winning. Now I know why islander gaming left. He knew the changes would ruin the game . We need change to make war robots great again. Maybe have a classic one where there is no titans, drones or motherships.

  7. The players …it's manni shot on him
    Manni… What i have no weapon
    Pixonic… That's what we do in manni town wait give him back 2 weapon we don't want him to be mad

  8. I’ve noticed on my Apple phone I have pretty good stats and well-balanced matches. However, when I pull out my android tablet and use that account, I get absolutely positively obliterated.

  9. Manni you need to empty your clip EVERY time. That's how you do it with these titan weapons. Don't try to save ammo the reload will get you kill.

  10. MANNI I CAUGHT A HACKER ON A TEST SERVER it doesn't let me see his id but his name is Pilot BX6EK pls answer this

  11. I just wanted to mention it's funny how you call the main ability "Transcendence" like thr Ravanna. 🙂

  12. This is why I love Indra, not Because it’s so powerful, not because it’s a titan, but because of it’s design, and it’s artistic view, IDC if it’s the weakest titan in the game, or if no one liked it, I would play for hours with this titan, if I had it 🙂

  13. Glad I quit this game 2 years ago. P2win game to the max. Spent $800 in total. Enough is enough.

  14. i love every game that u have played in u have the best robots u have i wish i had sum like that

  15. Theres something I realized manni is doing wrong….

    On the Mothership…The purple Healing Turret isnt actually the best one….

    Depending on the Bots youre playing you heal more with the Grey one….

    Lets say he plays a 440k HP Ravana…. 1% from 440.000 are 4400 this x5 = 22.000…The purple one just gives 20500….

    If he uses a max fenrir with 547000 HP he even gets 27350 HP

    The new indra with 1.2 Mio HP heals 12000 Per Tick….

    This means incredible 60k instead of just 20500….

    This may seem not much but its actually worth it…Also instead of one big pulse it heals in many single blasts…

    It may fall off against smaller bots but they have less hp then the Big Mothership heals as Base 250k –> Anyway….So yeah

    I just became one of your new Mods but i didnt want to ping you unnecessary on DC so I try it this way….

  16. Amazing. You have the toughest items and toughest Titan and you kill people with it. Just Amazing !

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