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Legitimizing De-Fi, Rethinking NFTs And How To Get Your Dad To Use Crypto | Hot Wallet Ep 2 | Forbes

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In this episode of Hot Wallet, author and founder of WallStreetBets Jaime Rogozinski sits with Forbes reporter Rosemarie Miller to discuss how crypto can become more widely used among the general public (even your dad can do it!). Additionally, Rogozinski makes compelling arguments around the way we need to rethink the use of NFTS and the road to ensuring crypto’s legitimacy from general use to government buy-in.

0:00 Introducing Jaime Rogozinski
1:10 Rogozinski’s Thoughts On The De-Fi Ecosystem
4:17 How The Crypto Market Is Going To Gain Legitimacy In The Future
7:12 How Will The General Public Be Able To Grasp Crypto Enough To Opt In?
10:15 “Get Rich Quick” Is The Same As “Get Poor Quick”
10:29 Politics And The Markets: What To Expect After The Midterm Elections
13:34 How Can Something Decentralized Ever Get Updated?
17:35 Why We Need To Rethink NFTs
21:13 How To Open A Crypto Portfolio

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  1. Can you make a video about infts or intelligent nfts. These infts can talk and interact. They can even generate content like art and music. A project called Alethea AI is making all this possible. Can you take a look at them?

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