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LEGO Council Of Elrond MOC – Episode 1 (Layout & Parts)

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YES!!!! The day has come to build a MOC in my favorite world “The Lord of The Rings”

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I have been dying to build something in this world and I cannot wait for this build! We will be doing a LEGO MOC of (The Council of Elrond) from the first movie The Fellowship of The Ring placed in Rivendale!

If you have any suggestions before I get building now is the time to drop them in the comments!

Episode 2 will be a lot of fun!

Thanks for watching!



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  1. If the new lotr show ever starts i pray to all of your gods and please let there be new lego sets, the old ones are not affordable at all.

  2. 2 reason the LOTR get the highest vote because it will be going awesome. Another reason is people wanted to see you up coming big expensive haul video. =)
    Any LOTR set in 2022 will be cost like a bomb.

  3. Sweet!!! I really like the idea. Unfortunately LOTR LEGO can get super expensive so I feel the pain. Having said that, if there's anyone who can pull it off… it's Ryan. Can't wait to see the update.

  4. Sweet! Life got busy so I fell behind on your videos and still need to see your previous moc as it progressed, but this one is going to be absolutely fantastic. I’m excited to see it take shape!

  5. I love LOTR and after watching the Boba Fett’s palace you did I can’t wait to see what you do for Rivendel. Thanks for showcasing these mocs. It’s given me inspiration to start moc making again

  6. Dude I’m pumped! You should add old bilbo giving Frodo sting! That would be epic and make Legolas and gimli argue lol

  7. Oh good luck! I once wanted to do this too. But prioritised some other projects. Can’t wait to see the progress 🙂

  8. I thought Rivendell as soon as you mentioned all fellowship members would be present, but did forget they are together in the mines of Moria! Still, Rivendell seems the logical option! If you have the flower bouquet lying around and are comfortable with stealing some pieces for that, when I was building mine, the purple leaf elements did remind me of Rivendell a lot, since they are a unique color, and the elves with their magical atmosphere would be some of the only trees that would fit purple leaves in a ‘natural’ setting! Can’t wait for next episode, and what you do for the architecture!

  9. Really looking forward to this MOC man! LOTR is my favorite book, movie and LEGO theme 🤩

  10. Stop twisting my arm, I’ll watch them again! Can’t wait to see your latest masterpiece!

  11. Wish i was into Lego when the LOTR series came out. … if only I had a time machine, oh wait i just built the delorean…maybe….lol

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