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Less Energy & New Ranking System in Axie Infinity Origin

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The New ranks look very very unique in Axie!

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Axie infinity team has proposed previously that there might be a reduce in the energy system to reduce the SLP issuance but also to add value to each axie in between the big jumps.

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  1. Dear Gugus, I'm confused on the x0.5 for starter axies.
    So when you have 0.5 stamina what does happen?
    Rounded down to 0 or up to 1? It matters to me over 365 days with 50 scholars.
    I find the 0.5 weird and they should just make it 1

  2. At this rate in a couple years rewards will be 0 and 0 energy, they transition from p2e to just play and shut up

  3. Gugus some1 told me that u get free axies in Pve is that true? Or u get the 3 starter axies for free?

  4. I wonder how many axie will be unlock in adventure mode maybe we still get high ronin spirit if we finish the adventure

  5. Over 10 million axies have now randomly changed because of the eyes and ears…Such a disaster.

    I have sponsored teams and they are collecting dust as I can’t even be bothered with scholars anymore.

    Thanks for the fun Sky Mavis, even though it cost me 10k 😅

  6. What the hell happened to play to earn you fucks? Looks interesting but its becoming more of a play for fun game. I am holding on to my nfts. They may be worth alot within the next 5 to 10 years.

  7. Sorry for the stupid question but how do you get WETH to your ronin account right now since the ronin bridge is offline and the katana exchange doesn't work? 😮

  8. How about you make a video, are we scammed or not? Bcs we cant take our money atm

  9. Looks pretty amazing but are they gonna take out slp un V2? Right now seems like they r up to do it

  10. They also have the new status effects, tools cards, charms, runes, etc. as well in there. Maybe you can do some review on them later on?

    Oh, they changed it to 45 seconds. Earlier it said 60 seconds when they released it. Probably still testing stuff.

    Since about 70% answered your survey as having a PC/Laptop, guess we'll still have a lot of testers in a couple of days.

    See you guys in Origin!

  11. I just want to get ROI and leave axie for a while, arena already hard with current slp reward reduce the energy mean reduce the slp earning

  12. Are personal Axies refered to those who themselves bought and own the Axies.? If yes, does that mean scholars have zero personal Axies?

  13. feels like challenger sphere will have the same issue of match fixing to draw so they wont loss too much mmr

  14. I dont get it. So technically, without counting the free/starter axies and lets just say I only have 1 bought/personal axie from the market, I could still gain slp? How does that work? I dont think I can pair my personal axie to bubba and olek and join the ranked arena. Enlighten me Gugus-sensei.

  15. What I'm waiting is how this would affect most of the playerbase, the scholars, when having a scholar account and the f2p account when origin finally comes out.

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