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Light's Verdict Buyer's Guide! | Gods Unchained Mini-Expansion

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  1. Man I'm hyped for this. As long as nothing is too OP after the balancing phase I really like the limited edition aspect. I'm personally aiming to get 2x of both whiteplains, others (rares & epics) I'm sure I will get but whiteplains need some RNG ^

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  3. Am I correct that there is no chance to get a LV epic or legendary in a rare pack, no chance to get a LV rare or leggy in an epic pack and no chance to get a LV rare or epic in a leggy pack?

  4. Hey, What's your strategy for how many of each pack you are planning to buy? (Epic, Legendary etc.)

  5. I read the text myself but didnt understand it completely so your video is higly appreciate it. Thank you!

  6. so even if i buy a shiny leggie pack i will only have a chance to get an additional lights verdict one? or is it possible to hit multiple lights verdict cards in one pack? this seems like a desperate pump and dump to me. prbly wont buy any

  7. @CopperPitch what does epic and legendary chase pack mean? Sorry, first time I've heard of the term chase 😅

  8. it would better if they have a % of LV cards that air drop to players who purchase 100/200/300 MJ packs before.

    Whale can spent but they are not stupid.

  9. Great, more broken cards that only rich people can obtain. I wouldn't spend any money on these because they are going to probably get a big backlash then nerf lol

  10. I honestly think this is a money raising ploy. The cards don’t have any worth in the game as yet which is dumb because if you create in-game value the potential buyers increases in buying packs and secondary markets. Just IMO. I’m still going to buy packs though just in case ☝🏽

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