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117 percent Bitcoin let’s grab a screenshot of that 114 let’s close that one oh that’s core number first let’s take 800 off the top I’ve been teaching you this so we go here my code number today is ten thousand so anything over ten thousand I just move over to safety

Before I even close a trade I don’t care about the p l i don’t care about anything in this Reserve you can loan it to yourself use it to save yourself so here we are a hundred and twenty four percent look at that on bitcoin let me give it all these other screenshots

They’re not relevant anymore boom boom look at that 136 percent bring me the drums of War nobody shows this on YouTube 137 and again I’m gonna call a number I’m gonna teach you what this is transfer 437 now you have to watch your margin ratio you can’t transfer out all

Your your money it’s like rope pulling yourself go to trade here we are war on the one minute chart 134 we still have 5800 in margin where are we we are dumpster diving Red Alert Red Alert Red Alert 134 we are short dydx everybody’s buying this garbage we are short Litecoin 130

Percent 52 on your salon I hit over 20 bucks now I’m going to close all these trades price going up close them all confirm kill absolutely Epic so I told everyone I hide I hunt I wait I attack right below this video you can watch me trade in real time I will give

You a link for the first 50 people to join my Discord you’ll land in a ravenite room everybody in here is just learning starting the consultation war room is where they are killing it posting their wins unbelievable constant trading these are the people who have had my consultation

They paid for it the upgrade all the people in the green 0.10 a fraction of a Bitcoin and they are making their money back over and over every day the links are below the video I must attack more we’re gonna break this have a good day

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These videos are for entertainment purposes only. Any trading you do is your own choice. Entries and exits are critical. Learn to trade before you trade. All trading is for demonstration purposes only. *Lifetime means the life of discord not your lifetime. Any Links listed may be affiliate links meaning I may get a referral commission if you click on certain links.

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