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Lost In Space – A Dogelon Mars Story

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Lost in Space

In a vast emptiness you‘re floating relentlessly.

Not knowing where to go.

Where to land.

It‘s a mess out there.

Ships around you are falling apart.

Some explode into infinite pieces.

Lost souls screaming.

No one‘s able to hear them.

And you …

How did YOU end up being here?

You thought you were safe on those other ships.

And even though you see your home ship being attacked by those pesky Star Krakens and Star Whales …

You still see it‘s not changing it‘s route.

The route to the red planet, whose light you can vaguely see shimmering on the horizon.

You start to regret.

Because now you‘re lost out here, while everything is being destroyed and devoured around you.

But fear thou not.

The Commander is a generous man.

He gave an order.

You see the tractor beam suddenly shooting at you.

It‘s all a green, blinding light.

And you feel yourself getting drawn back to the ship.

As you enter the hatchway, you see a familiar face.

It‘s mine.

I smile and reach my hand out to you.

You hear my voice and ultimately have to make a decision once again.

It may be the final one.

„IN or OUT?“


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