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  1. When his voice broke when he said "you missed my wedding", I felt something brake in me. It was sooo sad and so well played. Now, I am hooked for more interactions between those two.

  2. The actor who plays Durin is very talented I felt the disappointment and betrayal in his voice

  3. I usually don't feel so much empathy for dwarfs in the tolkien universe, this scene broke me and sold me to support this show, but it made me feel not to trust Elrond, I feel he is been manipulative and not much honesty coming from him, to be sincere

  4. Absolutely love elronds look of regret & empathy… 20yrs to elf is a minute.. to dwarf its lifetime… 😏

  5. This scene, along with Disa's dialogues during dinner was what make me like this show. While Elrond likes Durin and understands his mistake, even if he can't fix things right now (probably he will do until the end of the series), Durin knows that Elrond didn't show up sooner because of pride or arrogance, but because elves don't have the notion of lifetime divergence with other races.

    The tree on Durin's hall was the thing that proved he still cares for Elrond, since an elven tree still being alive in a dwarf house is something very difficult and expensive to happening, so Durin had taking care of his friend's gift for 20 years, even while being angry and sad…

    I hope the two of them get along at the end, because elf & dwarf friendship is one of the bests things in the tolkienverse.

  6. I didn’t like this Elrond at first, I just couldn’t see him as the same Elrond from LOTR, but this scene changed that

  7. That face Durin has in the last frame is a face I've worn many a time. The face of "Damnit. You said the exact right thing."

  8. I love this scene so much, from the performance but also to the juxtaposition that dwarves are seen as hardy and stubborn people but it’s just a front to the contrary that dwarves are very emotional and feel deep connections to those they consider close which is shown in the original trilogy and reinforced by this scene

  9. Now this is the problem with elves. Because they are immortal, they usually take life for granted as Durin pointed out to Elrond.

  10. Celebrimbor should take elrond's placer. He was the greatest elven Smith, and he helpped the Dwarves creating the famous Doors of Durin. The ones we see on the fellowship of the ring and wich pasword Is friend.

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