Low-Risk Delta Neutral Yield Farming Strategies (part 3) with Francium

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Francium on Solana allows you automate a high-yield leverage farming delta- neutral strategy with lower risks of liquidation due to a stop-loss percentage of 10%.
You get a market-neutral model, combined by taking both a long and short position in an asset at the same time to moderate your total portfolio risk exposure during the asset’s price fluctuations. Watch the video as I go through this easy process step by step.

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Francium: https://francium.io/app/strategies/farming
Delta Neutral Strategies (part 1): https://youtu.be/DZET2YEbzdE
Delta Neutral Strategies (part 2): https://youtu.be/5sntt5Uwz_g

00:00 Francium
02:30 Protocol won awards and is audited
03:45 Lending
04:20 Leveraged farms (similar to farms on Tulip)
05:01 Shop around for the best farm yields between Francium and Tulip
06:36 Automated Framing Strategies (delta neutral strategies)
09:12 Stop-loss percentage of 10%
11:27 Long and short $whETH positions
13:45 My Page
15:40 Francium documentation
16:20 Long leverage yield farming (more risk)

You can download my complete Low Risk High Reward Crypto Strategies book for FREE in PDF format here:

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