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LUNA 2.0 Airdrop: How Many LUNA Will You Get? The Tokens Distribution of the Terra Fork

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The new proposal is very likely to pass, luna will we forked and there is going to be a new Terra blockchain.

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  1. What if I am holding Wluna in Coinbase?? I also have Luna in Kucoin, but if It works with Wluna on CB, can I just keep that there and expect airdrop?

  2. The new fork is total bullshit, Do Kwon is a scammer. All the new LUNA holders are going to get screwed over. BURN LUNA!!!!!!

  3. What about long term holders on Coinbase who were only allowed Wrapped Luna?

  4. When you think about it, 2 years is an insane vesting period. It's a really long time. I feel this isn't just to stop everyone selling and making it lose value, I think that by the time that period is up and you have forgotten about it and if it failed you're still screwed. Very schemy

  5. Sir, I have luna and Ust in binance. Inorder to be eligible for this airdrop, should i move them to the terra station wallet?

  6. And what about providing liquidity on beefy finance, for example pair with USDC?

  7. I have 360k luna on binance,what i do now? Move luna somewhere on wallet or stay on binance

  8. I hold and when referencing Bitcoin, the very savvy presenter, along with talking about a number of online sites, then referred you as knowledgeable YT source. Yep, watching you already. Ha. Knew my instincts were good. Love that you give the big picture. Thanks Martin Derbyshire

  9. I did a poll on twitter and the majority voted No to the fork.. the Terra website seems very suspect.

  10. Hello there. Can anyone tell me if i get LUNA airdrop if i hold UST on binance from before depeg happend?

  11. Ciao Marco, esempio pratico: avevo 1000 ust pre-depeg. Vendo in perdita tutti gli ust ricavandone un, diciamo, 50% in usdt. Loro cosa rimborsano in questo caso? Guardano io controvalore del nuovo token luna e mi danno l'equivalente dei mille ust pre Attack? O il 50% perché li avevo venduti? O ancora meno?


  12. The fork is an attractive trap for old users but is going to hurt them greatly, as most of them were the ones buying the way down to zero trying to bailout the coin. It's a true Poison Pill scenario.

  13. So people who have old Luna on Binance Will get the airdrop after 2 years?

  14. Do we just hold them in our station wallets? And hen he airdrops start happening, if they do, how are we notified?

  15. So if I'm holding Luna I am going to get a 10% of the amount I'm actually Holding and then I'm going to get a 15% of tokens of that 10% and the 85% will be locked for 2 years ?

  16. The post only mentions the Terra chain. What about those who were providing liquidity for UST and Luna on Osmosis?

  17. Now correct me if im wrong. Which i hope so. But wluna doesn't count in the air drop right? I bought 10 wluna on coinbase in 2021 and had also bought after the huge drop. Figured might as well buy some maybe recover some of my money. But it seems like wluna wont count in the airdrop which sucks. Supposedly coinbase says it can be converted to luna. But i cant figure that out yet either.

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