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LUNA CLASSIC Bullish 🔥 || LUNC COIN NEW UPDATE || CZ BINANCE Game Over || Crypto Market Green 💚 ||

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LUNA CLASSIC Bullish 🔥 || LUNC COIN NEW UPDATE || CZ BINANCE Game Over || Crypto Market Green 💚 ||

Cardano ADA Stable Coin Coming soon || FOMC MINUTES RESULT || Crazy crypto MINTOO

lunc का बाप / taral price down / taral supply isse solved / taral airdrop/taral update #taral

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  1. LUNC will be unstoppable just like ForeverBurn's forever and ever burning protocol. $FBURN community is as dedicated as the LUNC supporters as their energy packed community is supporting the part stronger than I've seen anywhere else .

  2. LUNC will be unstoppable just like ForeverBurn's forever and ever burning protocol. $FBURN community burns for every sale and buy

  3. Hello active Raj, i was checking out your page and i must commend you have a good job done here man.
    I would love you to create a content around a promising and solid projects with a super active community just like #Lunc
    #ForeverBurn's the longevity criteria are a direct reflection of its ''Innovative Burn Mechanics''.

    The protocol's Active and Passive burns aim towards ATH breaches while the community ensures the consolidation needed for the next higher floor price.

  4. As soon as a crypto token starts pumping, you always regret not buying one. I'm reminding you of this so that you won't regret losing the #FOREVERBURN. Don't FOMO. Take this opportunity now! GRAB #FOREVERBURN.

  5. Hello its been a long while since Binance launched back to back launchpool. I'm still currently holding my BNBs in forever burn Try Yours.

  6. Mehnn! You've got a great content. I'm sure it took you time to research about it. I appreciate your sacrifice.

    I'll suggest if you could do a research on FBurn project. It's a super cool project with great community maybe you might like it.

  7. Great video you always put out here. Forever burn gives holders incentives at all times. They burn as it comes @ForeverBurn_BSC. You can try out making a video on it and see how the number of your subscribers grow like grass.

  8. Fantastic video 👏👌.
    This is what we love.
    It's just like ForeverBurn, amazing utilities.
    it's has got a super burn utility as well.
    It's worth a video buddy.
    Keep up the good work, man.

  9. I'm glad for these video it will really be great if you could talk about Forever Burn token

    A Token that is worth investing and amazing features.

  10. I absolutely love the video ✨. The Forever Burn community is also an amazing one. A video will be really nice

  11. I so much love your analysis… You are doing great man

    Forever Burn looks very interesting.

    I have high hopes for it in the future. I hope I am not the only one. There are many more.

  12. From your video, I could see that you know much about cryptocurrency and web 3 projects.

    I'm seriously looking at projects and which i will be investing in. I have heard many people talking about this project…… Forever burn

    I would like to hear your professional analysis of this project

  13. Hey man, I really love your content, how about you make a video about ForeverBurn , the only HYPER BUrn project that's out there in the space!! Hitting the notification , incase you consider the request !!! 🙃

  14. Amazing and well explanatory video.
    Forever burn is a nice project that focus on super hyper burn and deflationary with good team…
    Check it out and thanks me later.

  15. Wonderful Active Rag
    Love your last video and this is definitely beautiful
    Would love for you to make a video of fburn

  16. Nice one man
    Great analysis
    I believe you'll want to take a look at the foreverburn project
    Beautiful utilities especially the -SUPERBURN feature
    A must see man
    I'm stuck on your page
    Looking forward to see a video on foreverburn

  17. You're really doing something amazing here but it will be more amazing if you make a video about #FOREVERBURN. You know what? Am gonna follow you now and turn the notification button on

  18. #FBURN FOREVER BURN TOKEN is an amazing token with SUPER BURN utility. Ready to fly to the moon 🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀

  19. I saw some vids from you, its with a lot of education. I like it! I saw last time a big hype around #FBURN (foreverburn). What are your thoughts?

  20. Thank you for this Video Active Raj. You're amazing. Just a little request, could you please make a video about the Forever Burn project too? I found out that their community is really strong and the hyper burn feature is too amazing to ignore. I'll be glad if you consider request though. Thank you 😊

  21. Concise video as always, would you consider doing an exposé on Forever Burn? I'd appreciate your views

  22. Forever BURN a project that reminds me of the LUNC communities dedication , with their burns, the buybacks and other their investment supporting strategies are a direct outcome of investors decision. Had to give credit where it's due. Just check it out !!

  23. Wow! Great video!!!🔥

    Love your support towards LUNC investors.
    There is this Web 3 project I came across called Forever Burn, a hot project with doxxed team and amazing utilities
    Make a video about $FBURN. Your followers will love this project, bringing more viewers to your channel because ForeverBurn has a community of over 6K followes🔥🔥

    • Active and passive burn
    • NFT
    • Staking
    • Wallet

  24. FoteverBurn, it is an emerging Hyper Burn project, where the protocol itself takes care of the burns,

  25. "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day_in and day_out." _Robert Collier

  26. तुम सिर्फ Lunc की ही बात करते रहो l
    बाकी के बारे मे कुछ पता तो है नहीं l

  27. Don't investment ye bahut girega market aur Crypto Market only one Scam 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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