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Assalamualaikum everyone and welcome back an article from amb crypto is that today I’m gonna see um Terra Luna classic you know price prediction by 2025 to 2030. so let’s see what uh the general you know blog or Publishers are talking about Luna classic so you do have that as the news of Terra

Co-founder do corn arrest reached the crypto Community the price of Luna classic fell steeply by four percent to 1221 teraco founder do Quan who was on the Run since the Terra Luna crisis was finally arrested in uh in this place on 23rd of March and we’ve talked about

This before its performance was also negatively impacted by the banking crisis that followed the collapse of the crypto friendly Silicon Valley Bank the other coins seem to be recovering Luna classic is trading at whatever their price at the time of writing the current market cap is around 715 million dollars

Making it the most sought out after token so Luna classic was a the center of the collapse of the terror ecosystem in May 2022 the coin has also been severely affected by the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX in November its market capitalization has dropped from 1.5 billion to this billion since then

So uh we’ve been affected like when the bank went down uh Luna classic was affected when do corn was arrested Luna classic was affected FTX collapsed Luna classic was affected so um it’s been destroyed from so many things so what I want to say though what’s made interesting here

Is you know the prices and everything between let’s look at the history okay since its launched in 2019 Luna classic uh price kept floating around 0.2 dollars and 1.3 dollars until April okay and it went nearly a hundred dollars by the end of the year in 2021 okay so in

2021 we had a hundred dollar plus a lunar classic and uh in 2022 it was between 50 and 100 and then it went all the way back to all-time high of 119 dollars I remember this very well I was there I saw it I saw it all but now we’re down at

0.00121 okay people are thinking if we can have something back and imagine that 45 billion dollar within a week was um you know lost in the market so Terror labs and its co-founder Duke on warfind is 78.4 million dollars they were fined by the income tax of the Korean national tax service

And as far as you know the price prediction goes for 2023 and 2024 we’re going to scroll down and we’re going to look at it so they do have Luna classic 2025 prediction and let’s look how many people are thinking about the prices so we have this telegon predicts

That the maximum or the minimum and the maximum prices of Luna classic in 2025 will be 0.0089 and 0.028 respectively some people are saying it’s going to be around 0.015 some have this number this figure right here and that figure right there now this is a realistic figure and

Then we do have some people who are saying that by 2030 we could even have Luna classic all the way to 5.2 dollars and one point nine dollars and even average price of 3.11 for the long term now I’ve been talking about lunar classic for a long term okay and and

That’s why I say that you know potentially Luna classic for the long term is is amazing you never know what happens in the long term if if a coin that was at 0.1 went to 118 dollars okay this is we’re talking about long term here that’s a big deal because in the Beer

Market it’s always just bloody right like this but you never know how the Bull Run ends up being okay so time changes what you feel today isn’t going to be the same thing in two years from now it can be worse but I don’t know you know it’s a bear

Market but maybe in the Bull Run we could have something in uh as a profit in return right so we do have a little classic steel coming down with a bear flag and continuing lower but my personal take you know I don’t know about a dollar or something like that

But I do think those figures around you know 0.01 or 0.02 is something that is really really believable in the future as well let me know in in the comments what do you think about you know the long-term prices of this coin that’s it I’m gonna see you the next one on the


In this video, I’ll talk about LUNA CLASSIC. Everyone needs to stay updated with the latest analysis. From old market to new market movements

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Here’s what I’m going to cover in this video:

LUNA CLASSIC next targets

LUNA CLASSIC support and resistance

LUNA CLASSIC price prediction


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