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In this video, I’ll talk about LUNA CLASSIC. Everyone needs to stay updated with the latest analysis. From old market to new market movements

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In this analysis, you will know the next targets for LUNA CLASSIC

Here’s what I’m going to cover in this video:

LUNA CLASSIC next targets

LUNA CLASSIC support and resistance

LUNA CLASSIC price prediction


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Disclaimer: everything said in the video is not financial advice and is meant for educational purposes only, please DYOR

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  1. Your analysis was spot on! We never reached 40-42 range on the bounce. Lunc is now at 000.26 as I write this (9am UK time, 14th Sept). We're at the bottom of the head shoulders – will it hold from here?

  2. Thank you. I think the TECHNICAL ANALYSIS discussion is hugely important.

    For me personally…I am fascinated to watch and see (with this coin and at this time), if the impending FUNDAMENDAL ANALYSIS (news/realities of the gigantic supply burns) to come for LUNC…will win the day (or not). I blv there's a very high probability that the latter will invalidate (what otherwise likely would take the price direction of LUNC downward) and push it upward to heights, that are very unexpected…even by the biggest of bulls. Thank you again for the analysis.

  3. H&S on an angle are not reliable (aka failure patterns) so upside is more likely or if there is a dip below the shoulder it is a weak trade / whiplash.

  4. What we see today at Lunc reminds us of the big drop from $130 to 0.000003, do you repeat the same scenario?

  5. Look at the 4H chart, draw a line from Sep.2 – Sep.4 and extend the line to today (Sep.12) there is a trend line. Maybe that could be true

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