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Luna Classic to $1 | Terra Classic L1 Team Released Q2 Roadmap | New Roadmap Required Fund $139.5K

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Hello everyone welcome back to crypto by YouTube channel so in this video let’s check the new roadmap of Zuna classic a roadmap that will bring Laura classic to one dollar as we will see the test net and then magnet even we will check the roadmap from Q3 2023 to Q3 2025 two

Years roadmap so this roadmap will help the Luna classic to touch one dollar even we will see us to see Ray patch so bird mechanism even stacking so there will be lots of development of Luna classic so the whole thing we will check inside this video is step by step I will

Show you the roadmap of Aluna classic the Q2 2023 the roadmap okay don’t skip any part of the video and now let’s get started foreign Cryptocurrency crypto updates even about indicators and price sections so make sure click on the Subscribe button hit the Bell icon to get notification while upload any video so before checking the new roadmap of Luna classic let me tell you about love head Inu the first war to

Earn cryptocurrency as I told you in the previous video even I I uploaded video about lovehead Inno I gave you a complete review about this project on that time the price was 0.4 times Rose dead but now you can see the price is 0.4 times 0 is 95. only one day one day

Is remaining to increase the price to 0.3 times rows one zero five if you purchase this token at the price of 0.4 time zeros 8 so you will be in a profit so make sure check this project I will give the link below in description Luna classic to one dollar Terra classic

Layer 1 team releases Q2 roadmap so this roadmap will help a lunar classic to touch one dollar even we will see the development of bird mechanism the development of stacking and then at the usdc repatch the roadmap includes plans to launch Terra classic version 2. open the IBC

Channel to kojira and launch classic station with fat on-rem capabilities so the Terra classic joint layer 1 task force has released the roadmap and required funding for its work on the Terra classic blockchain for Q2 2023 the roadmap includes notable projects that could help a blaster lunar Classics

Price action on its ultimate journey to one dollar so that’s why this roadmap will help the Luna classic to touch one dollar even the developers just require a funding to register a complete this development of lunar classic to complete this roadmap Q2 okay the Q2 roadmap and funding proposal were unveiled on Agora

By Luna Luna classic board Army the project manager for the layer 1 chip so joined layer 1 task force Q2 proposal is up on on Agora please read and provide feedback I will show you the website I will show you the article letter inside this video we will see some developments

Work in Q2 like we will see that testing of the Terra classic version 2.0.0 and then we will see the launching of the magnet this version too after that we will see the development of a version a 2.1.0 so there will be some establishment of Alona classic connection between other Cosmos networks

Okay if I show you in here so as I told you there are there are just the requirement of fund like the developers that are working in the Q2 roadmap so then it the fund to complete all the development so in Q2 2023 as you know we have April May June

So in April they are just going to launch the test that of a zero point yeah version Point 2.0 and then in my we will see uh somehow working about version 2.1.0 and then in June we will see adult map of two years like from Q3 2023 to Q3

2025. okay the funding you can check in here as the funding need to complete this roadmap okay now let’s check this article let’s check the complete review of roadmap Q2 so this will help Luna classic to touch one dollar joint layer 1 task force Q2 so there are different

Things different things you can find inside this roadmap like the test net of a version 2 and then the magnet and then we will check the test net offer uh versioned a version 2.1.0 also in Q2 at the end of Leica in June in the month of June we will see

The new roadmap of the two years for the lunar classic okay what things you can find inside the upright inside the April you can find the finalized pre-release testing of core version 2.0.0 on test net and bump to release and then so in Q in April you you can

Find different uh testing different version upgrade like we have Oracle feeder version 2.0.4 even we have Tera dot JS version 2.0 literot.js version 2.0 the release stat and push changes so amazing things you can find inside the roadmap like in April you can check yours yourself I will give the link

Below in description make sure to check it yourself but the main point of this roadmap is you will see the test the testing of your version two which is going to launch today and then you will see the magnet of version 2 and then we will say the testing of version

2.1.0 after that the man ad and then at the end you will see the roadmap of two years for the Lola classic so this is the main point of this roadmap make sure to check yourself because if you see this article you can find different updates in here different uh dual

Lockment of lunar classic in May you can find amazing things like the release of version 2.1.0 even different things you can find in the month of May and here and then if you check the June inside the June you can find the new roadmap for the Terra

Classic of Q3 20232 Q3 2025 and then you can find about layer 1 Dojo part of the expert so you can find the migration part for the tether mint and then on-ramp Technologies for a classic session and develop a proof of concept Q3 budget and Agora proposal Q2 work and

Avoid working on Q3 funding so developers just need a font in order to complete this roadmap like how you can see they are the developers of Luna classic like full-time developer monthly they just charge 30 000 a dollar and then we have six point eight thousand dollar six point eight thousand

Dollar per month and they are just doing part part-time job okay Opex budget so if I show you total budget requested for this roadmap like a 40 000 for the top is developer for the three months for this roadmap 20 000 for the second developers twenty thousand twenty thousand so total

139.5 thousand dollar for this Q2 2023 roadmap so this is not a small amount so developers need 139 000 to complete this Q2 at roadmap so they just need this funding and uh in here you can see 1.155 billion lunar classic conversion at 0.3 times zeros one two five they’re

Just uh sold lunar classic at this price so this is the roadmap the new roadmap of Luna classic that will help Luna classic to touch one dollar even the repatch of us receipt so make sure I will give the link below in description check this roadmap yourself because you

Can find amazing things even you can check summary inside summary you can find uh the overall the whole updates of the roadmap so I hope you understand this video share your idea about this new roadmap of lunar classic one thing about Helena classic what I mentioned in

Here make sure to purchase Luna classic with a small amount do not just invest all your fund just invest about twenty dollar fifty dollar because one day you will see a lot classic will touch one dollar but we don’t know whether one year two year but soon it will touch one

Dollar so a special like button 21 time high is still did not subscribe to our channel so make sure click on the Subscribe button hit the Bell icon to get notification while upload any video so this video is sent up in here till the next video goodbye see you

Finally, Lunc Layer 1 released Luna Classic Q2 new roadmap to bring Lunc to $1. We will check the Lunc Q2 Roadmap completely. However, this Lunc new roadmap required funding of $1,39,500.

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