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Luna IMPLODES $DOGE WRECKED Dogecoin Millionaire Gets BOTOX to Look Pretty Down at the Truck Stop

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  1. Two kinds of stable coins. Coins backed by actual dollars and coins pegged to the dollar by algorithm. So far all the algorithm stable coins have failed. I would expect that to continue. I don't believe any stable coin back by actual USD has had issues.

  2. Im an idiot and i made 25x on Dogecoin…
    U have so much hate for people get a life dude seriously

  3. I watch Dog coin channel for the entertainment, schadenfreude and remind me to not buy any coin whatsoever.

  4. Can you imagine having a conversation with this guy? Whether you like crypto or not, he is annoying as shit. He's not wrong about dogecoin or alts for that matter, however, bitcoin is future of digital finance. Lead, follow or get out of the way. What a douchebag haha

  5. And you’re not scum of the earth for telling people to invest in index funds that have only lost everyone money this year? Why because it has a history? You’re the joke and have a job still because you don’t know how to innovate

  6. Never seen this account before. Is it all satire. Even the account name is satire right. Beta male

  7. DOGE MORONaire was told to sell by his friends, and he said, no, he was not selling until he reached ten million in value. These young Crypto nitwits who are NOT trained like you are as a CPA, and have zero life experience with the fast rise/fast fall short-term stupidity, fell for the same addictive behavior people exhibit when spending hundreds each week on lottery tickets or at the casino. I lived through the Tosco oil shale boom and bust, the Crazy Eddie boom and bust, the Dot Com boom and bust, the housing boom and bust, Black Friday in the Regan era, and others. I tried to tell these young people who LOVE crypto crap they would crash hard. I was told I was a dinosaur, did not know what I was talking about, was old thinking, and the young were going to take over and destroy banks and rebuild honest finance with Crypto. Right. AS LONG AS THERE ARE PEOPLE THERE WILL NEVER BE HONESTY. I pointed them to what Warren Buffett warned and said about valueless crypto, and these same young nitwits said Buffett was a dinosaur and did not know what he was talking about. NOW, at least one of them says, wow, I should have listened to you and I should listen to you more. The others are silent…tail between their legs. As a CPA you know the saying among stock traders: "Shit doesn't bounce."

  8. You talk about people being idiots and actually laughing at the misfortunes of some and you have zero clue about what you're talking when it comes to crypto.

    You first start talking about the Dogecoin millionaire then you bring UST to the table when UST has literally nothing to do with Dogecoin besides the fact that both are cryptocurrencies.

    If you're going to talk about about a subject and call people idiots, then do some proper research before talking out of your ass.

  9. The dogecoin millionaire will sell his dogecoins at 1$ in 4 years.
    I think he is the smart guy 😉

  10. I know ill get a lot of hate for this but the fundamentals of dogecoin are actually deflationary, if our current money system were the same prices in goods and services would actually go down as time went on instead of up

  11. He is already dressed as the bum he really is. He needs a cardboard help sign and to lose his home for his fall to be all but complete.

  12. The hate is strong in this one. He has no constructive input as to where to invest. Who needs Botox when you can have a Taco Bell big gulp.

  13. This is the first video I’ve watched of you, and as a CFP, I’m hooked. Love your spirit and passion, you got a new subscriber. Just be careful, someone could try and go after you and use these videos to get you cancelled, lose your job/licensure.

  14. Haha this shit is hilarious. About time someone calls that caveman out. Soon he’s gonna be living in a cave

  15. He bought 10k more yesterday I really hope no one takes his advise seriously 🥴

  16. This is the moment you quit your job and get everyone to invest in VT!!!

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