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  1. Mars Colony is where it is at folks. The window to buy land that is affordable is closing fast. Floor price today is 4450 ONE.

  2. this looks like a falling wedge/bull flag, which is bullish, a consolidation pattern after a big rally

  3. The essence,core,soul, bones,structure,leadership and above all,the maths reveal a coin that is every bodies dream that will become a reality. Imagine if you can buy Bitcoin today at $100.That is what Terra Luna is today. People did not see the value of Bitcoin then and it can be missed again.The lack of understanding and vision. Leaks around last November uncovered from the core of Bit-coiners that they were informed to even sell bitcoin for Terra.That suggestion proved to be very correct,bulls eye.

  4. I guess I must be pretty dense, because despite getting that LUNA is burned when UST is minted, I still don't really understand where that burned LUNA is coming from. None of mine is getting burned, so whose is? Whatever, I love it. At the current mint rate, UST will close out 2022 at around $50B, which would literally wipe out the entire circulating supply of LUNA, i.e., assuming the price doesn't move (so, rule that out). If nothing else, this is going to be one very interesting year.

  5. A $1000 LUNA doesn't seem like a meme anymore. I wonder what LUNA would be worth if UST had same market cap as USDT…

  6. Terra is the only project that if it goes down i get excited I don’t mind these price action another 300 Terra picked up today and if it dips bring it on please.The fundamentals are too bullish more UST listings more UST deposits happening we all know what happens.

  7. Luna Burn rate is fantastic, I am very happy the way Luna has been performing in this Bearish type of markets.

  8. Great video but poor choice of title in my opinion. I know what you're trying to say but most will interpret it as negative click bait.

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